Cranberries are a beautiful gift of nature to the heart.


Cranberry is considered a very powerful and healthy fruit especially in the West. Now, scientists at King’s College London have reported that eating 100 grams of cranberries a day is extremely beneficial for the heart as it improves FMD (Flu Mediated Dilation) in the heart. The widening of the arteries when the blood flow increases is called FMD process.

Scientists have also reported that within two hours of eating cranberries, its wonderful positive effects on the heart become noticeable. That is, within 120 minutes of eating a cranberry, the condition of FMD in the body improves. It should be noted that the FMD scale is also used to diagnose heart disease.

According to a report published in the journal Food and Function, eating cranberries strengthens the heart and it mainly widens and improves the arteries of the heart. It improves the overall function of the heart. According to experts, cranberries contain a variety of flavonoids and polyphenols that have an overall magical effect.

The study was led by Professor Christian Hayes, a cardiologist at the University of Surrey. He says that the habit of eating cranberries is very beneficial for the blood vessels and veins throughout the body. Many types of polyphenols in it make it possible.


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