Old woman can protect their bones by eating prunes

The use of prunes not only strengthens women’s bones but also reduces joint pain in them. 

benefits of prunes

The world’s most abundant fruit, plums or plums, can be very useful for bones when they are dry. If older women keep it in their normal diet, their bone density will be maintained.

Although prunes are not on our list of favorite foods, they can be eaten for medicinal purposes. Pakistani women, like the rest of the world, suffer from osteoporosis and pain. Scientists at Pennsylvania State University have found that women, especially those over the age of 40, who eat 50 to 100 grams of plums can reduce their bone mass.

In women, oxidative stress and inflammation reduce bone density after menopause. Even the incidence of fractures increases. At this stage, plum can not only stop this process but also reverse it completely.

Several experiments were performed on rats. Then 16 different investigations were reviewed including ten clinical and two pre-clinical trials. When the mice were fed plums, they lost oxidative stress and reduced internal inflammation, which can lead to many diseases.

However, experts suggest that if you eat ten plums a day continuously for a year, it will start to bring significant benefits. If you keep this routine for six months, it will stop the process of softening the bones. According to doctors, its obvious benefits can be seen especially in women over 50 years of age.

Women’s soft and full bones eventually result in arthritis and chronic joint pain. The bones begin to weaken and fractures occur frequently. More than 200 million women worldwide suffer from it. Although there are some benefits to using vegetables and fruits, it is now possible to keep bones healthy by adding prunes.


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