What is the AnTuTu score(smartphones) and how can it help you?


The AnTuTu score is the global standard for benchmarking a phone’s performance. It was created by the company AnTuTu in China and has been used to measure the performance of mobile devices since 2012. A higher AnTutu score indicates better performance.

The latest version of the app allows users to run benchmarks on their device and compare its performance with other phones. It also gives users a graphical representation of their device’s performance and how it compares with other devices. The app can be downloaded free from Google Play or Apple Store.

How to Raise Your AnTuTu Score in Android ?

The Android operating system has a built-in app called AnTuTu, which is a benchmarking tool that measures the performance of different mobile devices. It is the most popular benchmarking tool in China, and it is used by many other countries as well.

How to Raise Your AnTuTu Score in Android?

To raise your an tu tu score, you need to delete all the apps on your phone and install new ones from Google Play Store. The best apps for raising your an tu tu score are games that have high graphics quality, so that they can be played on high-end devices such as Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max.

What are the Best Apps That Raises Your AnTuTu Score (keyword: apps that increase your an tu tu score)

The apps below are some of the best apps that increase your AnTuTu score:

1. Battery Doctor – this app will help you save battery life by optimizing your device’s settings, managing running apps, and killing background processes.

2. RAM Booster – this app helps you manage RAM usage on Android devices to improve performance and longevity

3. CPU Cooler – this app helps you monitor CPU temperature and speed up or slow down processor speed depending on what is needed for optimal performance


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