Vivo S15e Comes With Fast Charging

Vivo S15e
Vivo S15e : Vivo

Vivo announces the premiere of another medium-harbinger – Vivo S15e.

On its website, the manufacturer revealed the appearance of the phone. There will be three color versions to choose from, and the characteristic feature of smartphones will be a large, rectangular camera holder with two lens glasses. However, the cameras will be triple, while in the front we will see a screen with a droplet note. The banner revealed by Vivo indicates that the Vivo S15e will have a battery charging system working with a power of 66 W.

In the website, there has mentioned a processor made from the 5 nm lithographic process. Most likely it will be the Samsung Exynos 1080. It is also known that the processor will be supported by the memory in the set of 12 + 256 GB – but it is not known if it will be the only proposition. I suspect not. It is also unofficially known that Vivo S15e will receive a 4700 mAh battery, and the display of this phone will have a 6.44 inch diagonal. Everything will be closed in a case with a thickness of 8.49 mm. The premiere was announced on April 25.


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