Air pollution reduces life expectancy by two years

According to a report, air pollution reduces life expectancy by two years
According to experts, microscopic air pollution reduces global life expectancy by two years.

According to international media reports, a study conducted by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago revealed that five people will perish if the level of air pollution in South Asia meets World Health Organization standards.

The year will have a longer lifespan.
The report indicates that the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, which are home to 300 million people, have an average life expectancy of eight years due to lung and heart diseases caused by PM 2.5 levels of air pollution. Ten years have seen a decline in Delhi.

The microscopic airborne particles enter the bloodstream and travel deep into the lungs.

The United Nations categorised microscopic air pollution as a cancer-causing agent in 2013.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that PM2.5 air pollution levels should not exceed 15 micrograms per cubic metre per day, with an annual average of 5 micrograms per cubic metre.

In an Air Quality Life Index report, Krista Hassankov and her colleagues stated, “Clean air improves the lives of people around the world.”
According to research, diabetes medication is effective in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Adding that “permanently reducing global air pollution to meet World Health Organization guidelines would increase life expectancy by an average of 2.2 years,” he stated that this would result in an average increase of 2,2 years.

The World Health Organization reports that the level of air pollution in almost all populated areas is higher than the average level of air pollution.

However, the level of air pollution in Asia is significantly higher than that reported by the World Health Organization, being 15 times greater in Bangladesh, 10 times greater in India, and 9 times greater in Nepal and Pakistan.

China is the only nation in the region to have experienced a slight improvement in this regard.


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