How does caffeine in coffee lower cholesterol?


Caffeine reduces the production of LDL cholesterol by affecting two proteins. Photo: File

Many benefits of coffee have been reported and more are emerging. Now experts have discovered the scientific reason for the unhealthy caffeine in coffee and other beverages, which lowers LDL cholesterol.

Scientists at McMaster University say that excessive consumption of caffeine reduces the amount of a type of protein in the blood called ‘PCSK-9’.

 This protein enters the liver and prevents it from eliminating bad LDL cholesterol. This does not increase the cholesterol which would otherwise accumulate in the arteries and lead to heart attack and stroke.

Senior scientist Dr. Richard Austin, who was involved in the research, said that another function of caffeine is to inhibit the activity of another protein called SREBP2 and this protein further reduces the production of PCSK-9. That is, caffeine prevents the formation of LDL in two ways.

In addition, the SREPB2 protein contributes to the development of a number of illnesses, including diabetes and fatty liver, both directly and indirectly. However, researchers caution that merely consuming coffee won’t make a difference. It is possible to nullify all of the positive effects by adding sugar and/or cream to the mixture. Caffeine’s stimulating effects are diminished as a result. The regular consumption of sugary beverages and syrup leads to increased urination across all individuals.

However, consuming coffee in normal amounts is important because too much caffeine can be harmful to the body. Because of this, caffeine should be examined more closely, and its active components should be noted. However, it is possible to examine caffeine more closely and make note of its active components. By combining them in a nutritional supplement, you will be able to concoct an efficient medication. This medication will be a key factor in the global effort to cut cholesterol levels.


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