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A link between drinking hot drinks and throat diseases is revealed

A recent study by British experts has shown that drinking hot drinks can cause throat diseases and even esophageal cancer. Photo by Chevanon Photography: According to the British newspaper ‘Telegraph’ , a study conducted by experts from the University of Oxford in Great Britain discovered a link between drinking hot drinks and street diseases. Experts looked at data from the UK Biodatabase on 500,000 patients who drank hot drinks, particularly tea and coffee, and were diagnosed with cancer. After reviewing the data, experts concluded that people who drink tolerably hot coffee or tea are 2.2 percent more likely to develop esophageal cancer than the general population Similarly, experts found that people who drank beverages hotter than tolerably hot were 5.5 percent more likely to develop cancer than other people. Surprisingly, experts found that people who drank very hot drinks had a 1.4% higher chance of developing cancer, and this rate was lower than those who drank moderately hot dr

GT2 Explorer Master has been designed by stylist Jae-Jung

The GT2 Explorer Master can be viewed as the sum of the numerous Realme smartphones produced in 2022: it combines elements from the GT2 Pro (which is still one of the greatest smartphones of recent months), GT2 and GT Neo 3 in a design that is both distinctive and highly special. Wilderness (the one I tested) was designed by stylist Jae-Jung (The North Face, Ralph Lauren, etc.); Snowfield and Black Beach have a more classic look. The smartphone’s rear is inspired by the sturdy luggage seen at airports. Its aluminium frame and faux leather back cover have metal inlays. You may like its originality. It seems sturdy but lacks IP certification against water and dust. Frontally, the two long sides are narrow. A little thicker only the chin, but owing to the flat borders the first aesthetic impact is very surprising, it nearly seems that the screen is lifted, wonderful! The 6.7-inch OLED display has 1 billion colours, FullHD+ resolution, and 120 Hz, non-adaptive refresh rate. After removing

realme nazro 50A will give you great smartphone experience

The realme narzo 50A offers a solid smartphone experience with some innovative features that make life easier for you. Such as the AI triple camera that takes natural-looking portrait photographs and the 50MP AI imaging module for exceptional photos even in low-light environments. Source: realme India Tired of getting blurry photos and difficult to recognize scenery? Worried about not being able to capture the most important moments in your world? There are so many challenges for an amateur photographer when it comes to capturing nature’s beauty or showcasing their talent. It’s hard to take a picture that will be able to fully capture the beauty of the moment, a true expression of your thoughts and feelings in that moment. With Realme Nazro, you’ll no longer struggle with these challenges. It has all the features you could ever hope for in a camera, without any of the difficulties that come along with that. Source: realme India Realme Nazro is perfect for any photographer- whether the

Infinix NOTE 10 Pro is powerful affordable smartphone

Introducing the most powerful Infinix phone ever. The Infinix NOTE 10 Pro is the long-awaited successor to our popular NOTE 9 model, with a faster processor, more memory and a powerhouse of a camera that’s perfect for capturing every moment in brilliant detail. Source: Infinix Featuring the best chipset on the market, the Helio G95 processor, and 6GB of RAM alongside 128GB of storage space so you can store more photos and videos without worry, this is the phone you’ve been waiting for. The MediaTek Helio G95 processors are a significant innovation in mobile hardware, coming with a variety of hardware specifications to ensure gamers have no worries about CPU and RAM issues. The MediaTek Helio G95 octa-core CPU is the perfect CPU for gaming enthusiasts. It has two powerful Arm Cortex-A76 processors that are clocked at 2.05GHz and six Cortex-A55 efficiency-focused processors that get your games running smoothly while keeping your battery life long. With UFS 2.2 storage technology and 256G

Health benefits Banana. Is It a super food?

Bananas are a fruit that is easily available in all seasons. Everyone can afford to eat because it is sold at cheap prices and gets the health benefits of banana. Most of us did know that that it is called superfood. A banana has a high amount of fiber which helps to keep the stomach full. Bananas also contain some essential vitamins that are good for the body. This fruit is rich in potassium and fiber and through it the body also gets magnesium, vitamin C and B6. You may not know it, but eating bananas every day is very beneficial for health, some of the benefits are as follows. A large banana contains 120 calories and 490 mg of potassium, which is 19% of the daily intake for women and 15% for men. This potassium calms the blood vessels which helps in controlling blood pressure while potassium also removes excess salts from the body. Bananas are also a good source of vitamin B6, which is essential for the immune system, nervous system and brain. What are the benefits of potassium? A d

Is daytime nap beneficial for preschool children?

Daytime nap is beneficial for the mental health of adults but also for children. In fact, it helps preschool children up to 5 years of age to improve their reading ability if they are accustomed to sleeping for a while in the afternoon. This was revealed in a study conducted in Australia . Not much has been said about the relationship between sleep, memory development and reading abilities in children by the researchers But preliminary evidence from Macquarie University research suggests that taking a nap can help 5-year-olds understand the pronunciation of words, which can help with later studies. The study included children who had not yet reached school age and found that a nap would help them learn the pronunciation of words and recognize the published words. A short nap improves children’s ability to use the details of a new task, the researchers said. “We discovered that afternoon naps have a positive effect on children’s brain processes in understanding the pronunciation of word

Lack of sleep can also make you insensitive and selfish

Experts say that less peaceful sleep is better than more restless sleep. A recent study has shown that while lack of sleep causes mental and physical problems, it also affects human behavior and especially emotions such as helping others or feeling the pain of others. According to research published in the scientific journal Plus Biology, a good night’s sleep affects not only a person’s physical and mental health, but also his or her relationships with other people. Experts looked at three different studies to see if there was a connection between sleep and feeling “numb.” One of the studies used MRI scans to look at people’s brains. In a study, experts looked at data on donations made in US states between 2001 and 2016. They also looked at the personal information of those who made donations. MRI scans were done on the brains of the volunteers in the second study. The volunteers were split into two groups. Experts put people who slept for eight hours in one group and volunt

Looking for an Los angeles Immigration lawyers for smooth processing?

Young educated professionals are moving to the US, Canada, and Australia from my home city of Karachi because of growing crime rates and terrorist activities. I advise these people to hire experienced immigration lawyers to file their cases to avoid rejection. Applicants often provide irrelevant information, which results in rejection. The US is the preferred destination for these young people. I recommend they get free consultation from the firm . It is a reputable firm of immigration lawyers and has a remarkable success rate. What do lawyers for immigration do? The political and media controversies surrounding immigration that have dominated recent years are merely a portion of the whole picture. Immigration lawyers can assist individuals, families, and businesses in navigating the numerous and frequently complicated immigration channels since the United States experiences a steady stream of people wishing to live, work, and study within its boundaries. Because a person’

A few simple ways to remove freckles from the face

Do you also want to remove freckles from your face? There are some amazing ways to remove freckles from your face that will make your skin look young. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: Ways to remove freckles from the face. Be careful To achieve anything, you first need to avoid some bad habits and be careful, like not going out in the hot sun, and using subblock if you do. Using clothes that protect you from the harsh sun, avoiding smoking, and using a moisturizer regularly, remember that skin moisturizer is very important to use on the face and hands, and feet in all seasons, not just in winter. Sleep on your back. Avoid sleeping upside down and try to sleep only on your back. Now you must be wondering what sleeping on your back has to do with freckles on the face, hands and feet. In fact, when you sleep in a crooked position, your face is constantly pressed by the pillow and sometimes due to reverse crooked and straight crooked, the chances of freckles on both sides of the face

Obese women more likely to get ovarian cancer, study

According to a study, being overweight also increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and having menstrual problems. Obese women had an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer, according to the findings of a large-scale study that included participants from multiple nations. Obesity is often believed to be the root cause of a number of ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure; nevertheless, Recent investigations have uncovered a connection between being overweight and having an increased risk of developing cancer. Researchers at the University of Bristol were able to conduct their study thanks to funding from the British Cancer Research Institute (CRUK). The research was also carried out on women from five other nations, in addition to the United States, by a number of other universities. There is a significant risk of developing cancer. During the course of the study, researchers looked at the information provided by 120,000 women and discove

Males have a higher risk of developing cancer than women

According to the findings of a recent study that was carried out by specialists from the United Kingdom, males have a higher risk of developing cancer than women do not because of the lifestyle choices they make or the foods they consume but rather because of their gender. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: To a large extent, professionals in the field of public health have come to the conclusion that males, in addition to smoking and drinking alcohol, consume additional foods that are detrimental to their health. Additionally, it has been hypothesized that men are just as prone to obesity as women are, and because they spend the majority of their working day seated, they are more likely to be diagnosed with a variety of ailments, including cancer. On the other hand, a recent study has shown that, contrary to one’s way of life and one’s nutrition, a man’s gender makes him more predisposed to developing cancer. According to the analysis that was published in the medical journal ‘A

A study shows that music reduces pain after surgery

. It’s true that listening to your favorite music can help improve your mood, but a new study shows that music reduces pain and speed up the healing process after surgery. A group of researchers from Brunel University, Queen Mary University of London, and Barts Health NHS Trust worked together on the study. There were 72 studies and research projects done on the effects of music on pain, but neither the patients nor the doctors knew who was in pain. Researchers found that patients who listened to music had less pain after surgery, used fewer painkillers, and were much less anxious. All of the study participants who listened to music used less painkillers and felt better than those who didn’t. The research found that music makes people feel better, and when people feel better, their brains release hormones and chemicals that make the immune system work better. The research showed that when patients chose and listened to their favourite music, their pain went down and they needed less p

Ryzen 5000 PRO Series are for people need powerful processing power

The existence of AMD’s brand-new AMD Ryzen 5000 PRO processor family has not been a well guarded secret up to this point. We are aware that Ryzen will soon release three new central processing units with the model numbers 9 PRO 5945, 7 PRO 5845, and 5 PRO 5645. The network was made aware of a few of the system’s most sensitive technical particulars. Those that performed the best will receive 12 Zen 3 cores. The Ryzen 5000 PRO series of new processors from AMD is almost ready to make its public debut, and Lenovo was the first company to discover this information. As of right now, we are aware that the range will be expanded by at least three additional CPUs prior to the presentation. The network has now gained partial knowledge of their technical specification. The Ryzen 9 PRO 5945, which is the most powerful processor in the range, features up to 24 threads and 12 Zen 3 cores. When the power is increased, the clock frequency can go up to a maximum of 4.7 GHz, although the base freque

Hyundai unveils Ioniq 6 to be launched 2024

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 was a hit, and the Hyundia Ioniq 6 aims to do the same. Both cars share the same modular electric base, powertrains, tech features, and futuristic design accents.  The interior is entirely exposed and built well. This rear-wheel-drive Ioniq 6 has a 77.4-kilowatt-hour battery pack and a 225-horsepower electric motor .  Despite its 20-inch wheels, the Ioniq 6’s ride quality is excellent. The Ioniq 6 absorbs potholes and bumpy roads well, and the cabin is Mercedes S-Class silent. The steering rack is swift and straight, if numb, and there’s less body roll than in the Ioniq 5. Hyundai’s adjustable regenerative braking makes one-pedal driving easy. Overall, the Ioniq 6 is more grounded and sportier than the Ioniq 5. It has 320 hp and 446 lb.-ft. The all-wheel-drive model’s 0-to-62-mph time is 5.1 seconds, but it feels faster. This more powerful Ioniq 6 feels the same dynamically as the rear-drive predecessor, so there’s no rotten egg. The RN22e concept car previewed a 577-

Should you be worried about your child's teething fever?

Teething fever is commonly considered a typical symptom of the appearance of milk teeth. However, there are no studies that would confirm this thesis. What’s with that teething fever? What is worth knowing about it? When is it acceptable and when should it be disturbing? Photo by Pixabay on A teething fever usually does not worry parents because it is treated like a natural thing. Meanwhile, experts are of the opinion that fever is not a typical symptom of tooth eruption. Only an elevated temperature (up to 37.8 degrees Celsius) is acceptable, which persists on the day of tooth eruption, although it may last up to 3 days. Teething fever and other symptoms Teething, i.e. eruption of an infant ‘s first milk teeth , although it is a natural process and a normal stage of dentition development, is usually not pleasant for both toddlers and their parents. There are many ailments associated with it. The appearance of milk teeth in a child may be accompanied by more or less severe g

What functions Cholesterol performs and reference values?

Our eating and sports habits influence our psychophysical well-being. To get a general idea of ​​the state of health it is useful to undergo a  blood test  regularly. This allows you to monitor the levels of different substances such as cholesterol and sugars. The Discovery of cholesterol in our blood test scare us . In reality, its presence is completely physiological and indispensable, as long as its levels in the blood are normal. In fact, it can represent a serious health risk when levels are higher than expected as this condition (hypercholesterolemia) can lead to the development of  cardiovascular disease . However, the presence of high cholesterol produces no symptoms, so it can quietly rise and put us in danger without our knowledge. To keep the levels under control, it is necessary to take a blood sample. What is that Cholesterol? Cholesterol is fat present in the blood . It is very important for our body, in particular for the correct fluidity of cell membranes and for the fo

Ginger is healthy and good for digestion

Not a pregnant, nauseous woman who has not been advised to take ginger for nausea. In Chinese medicine, ginger has been known for centuries for its positive effect on the stomach and digestion. Ginger could also be beneficial for the flu and could even prevent colon cancer. Photo by Joris Neyt on What exactly is ginger? Ginger is a tuber root of the ginger plant. It was used in the Middle Ages to flavor dishes. You don’t eat ginger neat, you do make dishes tastier with it. You can buy ginger as a fresh tuber, but also candied, as a powder, or as a syrup. In Chinese medicine, ginger is known for its positive effect on digestion, the stomach area and the lungs. In addition, ginger is said to have an analgesic effect. In the meantime, it is no longer just Chinese medicine that believes in the beneficial effects of ginger. Several scientific studies have shown that ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances. colon cancer Research has shown that ginger can help prevent tumors

Rain water can cause cancer, research says

A recent study conducted by European experts has shown that the spread of hazardous chemicals used worldwide has increased the chances of dangerous diseases spreading on the ground and later getting these chemicals into rainwater which can cause cancer. According to the British newspaper ‘The Independent’ , the research conducted by the experts of Stockholm University stated that the waste of dangerous chemicals all over the world has spread to the corners by joining the rainwater and people get cancer by drinking the rainwater. can become victims of dangerous diseases including In this regard, it was reported that the waste of dangerous chemicals called ‘Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)’ is spreading diseases in the rain water. The above mentioned chemicals are considered extremely dangerous and may take thousands of years to disappear. These dangerous chemicals are also called Forever Chemicals . Initially produced by a few companies in the 1950s, these chemicals

New changes coming to millions of iPhone users in 2022

The new iPhone includes a unique digital button, among other features Apple’s new ios 16 operating system has been rolled out to millions of Apple users around the world, let’s take a look at what new upgrades this new operating system has. New lock screen With iOS 16 you can customize the screen font and display other important information, such as upcoming appointments, alarms, weather and battery level, etc. You have a variety of options to choose from. There can be lock screens, just as many watch faces are possible for the Apple Watch. Unique digital buttons These are unique digital keys that reside on the device, not on a web server, so your data cannot be stolen by fraud. You use Touch ID or Face ID instead of entering a password, and if you log into a website on a PC or Android phone, you can still use Passkeys by scanning a QR code. . Improvements to Dictation and Apple Maps In iOS 16, Maps has been further improved, with this new map you can add additional stops on your route

Health benefits of ginger in arthritis and fighting cancer

In Pakistan, ginger is a fairly common ingredient in practically all foods. Have you ever considered the impact it has on the body, though? The following health benefits of ginger on our bodies may be difficult to believe. Fight germs Fresh ginger has certain chemical components that aid the body in the battle against pathogens, particularly those that are highly effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria like E. coli and shigella as well as perhaps assisting in the management of viruses. Maintaining oral health Ginger’s germicidal properties can also contribute to a smile’s brightness. Its active ingredients, gingerols, stop the development of oral bacteria. Additionally, these microorganisms raise the danger of severe gum infections. Get rid of gas and nauseousness In particular during pregnancy, ginger can help alleviate nausea. Its use can also solve the issue of too much gas in the intestines. In fact, drinking ginger tea regularly can help prevent or relieve gas and flatulenc