A link between drinking hot drinks and throat diseases is revealed

A recent study by British experts has shown that drinking hot drinks can cause throat diseases and even esophageal cancer.

hot drinks
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According to the British newspaper ‘Telegraph’ , a study conducted by experts from the University of Oxford in Great Britain discovered a link between drinking hot drinks and street diseases.

Experts looked at data from the UK Biodatabase on 500,000 patients who drank hot drinks, particularly tea and coffee, and were diagnosed with cancer.

After reviewing the data, experts concluded that people who drink tolerably hot coffee or tea are 2.2 percent more likely to develop esophageal cancer than the general population

Similarly, experts found that people who drank beverages hotter than tolerably hot were 5.5 percent more likely to develop cancer than other people.

Surprisingly, experts found that people who drank very hot drinks had a 1.4% higher chance of developing cancer, and this rate was lower than those who drank moderately hot drinks.

However, research findings have shown that there is a link between drinking hot drinks, especially tea and coffee, with throat infections and esophageal cancer.

However, it was not known how much hot coffee or tea can cause diseases.

Experts also clarified that drinking coffee and hot tea does not reduce the chances of getting any kind of cancer or disease.


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