GT2 Explorer Master has been designed by stylist Jae-Jung

The GT2 Explorer Master can be viewed as the sum of the numerous Realme smartphones produced in 2022: it combines elements from the GT2 Pro (which is still one of the greatest smartphones of recent months), GT2 and GT Neo 3 in a design that is both distinctive and highly special.

GT2 Explorer Master unveiled in Chinese Market

Wilderness (the one I tested) was designed by stylist Jae-Jung (The North Face, Ralph Lauren, etc.); Snowfield and Black Beach have a more classic look.

The smartphone’s rear is inspired by the sturdy luggage seen at airports. Its aluminium frame and faux leather back cover have metal inlays. You may like its originality. It seems sturdy but lacks IP certification against water and dust.

Frontally, the two long sides are narrow. A little thicker only the chin, but owing to the flat borders the first aesthetic impact is very surprising, it nearly seems that the screen is lifted, wonderful!

The 6.7-inch OLED display has 1 billion colours, FullHD+ resolution, and 120 Hz, non-adaptive refresh rate. After removing the protective layer, you can appreciate the Gorilla Glass 5 and oleophobic coating. Outdoors, it’s not very bright; due to the holidays, I haven’t had a chance to measure in the office, but we’re on par with the Realme GT2, so just above 1000 nits.

Although it is a rather large smartphone, it can be handled in the hand comfortably in terms of ergonomics. Naturally, the angular design is not the most comfortable, but it must be noted that the package includes a lovely, soft TPU cover of unmistakably superior quality.

As I previously mentioned, Realme GT 2 Explorer Master is a remix of an earlier Realme model from 2022. For instance, the display and photography capabilities are identical to those of the Realme GT2 and GT 2 Pro, but we also have the new 100 Watt charger, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and a few extras made specifically for gaming and performance.


The X7 processor, which is independent from the SoC and manages visual processes, including the frame rate, resolution, and colour depth of multimedia content and games, is a significant hardware component in addition to the customary software enhancements.

Not only that, but the Realme GT 2 EM also has the enormous multi-layer dissipation plate that we have seen (and liked) on the most recent GT Neo 3 and 3T smartphones, making it one of the first smartphones to be fitted with the newest generation LPDDR5X RAM memory.

It performs so well in games that it practically qualifies as a disguised gaming smartphone. The ability to engage virtual triggers that are activated by pressure sensors placed on the left side is one feature of a rather comprehensive software package that may be used to enhance gaming sessions (top side holding the smartphone in landscape). Software adjustments to increase the framerate result in adequate performance and optimal smoothness.


As for Xiaomi 12S Ultra, this is not a classic review since the model is designed for the Chinese market, even if compatibility with local networks is complete, so for those wishing to buy it imported there are no big problems in daily use, if not some small (solvable) software issues in the china version.

As with the last Realme I tried, it has excellent Bluetooth, GPS (dual band), and WiFi connectivity. Missing e-SIM support is compensated by double nanoSIM.

In calls, use the two stereo speakers for hands-free comfort. The audio quality is fair, the speakers are stereo but lack sound pressure and low-frequency presence, and the 3.5 mm audio connection is absent.


Due to the Chinese software, it is difficult to get a realistic impression of autonomy. However, the 5000 mAh battery is more than enough to arrive in the evening, and the Realme UI is well-balanced and energy-efficient. With European software, consumption may be slightly greater, but this isn’t a major issue and we’re still hypothesising.

With the included charger (Chinese socket), you can charge the phone to 100% in under 30 minutes. The charger is created with a GaN (gallium nitride) transistor, a semiconductor that can replace the metal oxide used in MOSFET transistors. Thanks to this technology, the charger’s dimensions are tiny compared to the power it can transport, and overheating is less than 85%. (declared value).


Realme UI 3.0 is based on Android 12, including August 2022 security patches. This is the Chinese variant, comparable to European devices but with extra features and bloatware.

Without diving too further into functionality, I’ll show you the few, solvable compromises.

Realme GT 2 EM is Google-certified, so you won’t have any problems with payments, app installations, or company services. First, there’s no pre-installed PlayStore when you turn it on. First, search for Google in the pre-installed (Chinese-only) browser. Once you’re on Google, look for PlayStore as an apk file. Once PlayStore is installed, Google services are updated and all apps can be installed.

The other compromise is the system language: there are several but not Italian, so I set it to English. You’ll get used to it quickly, and if you wish, there’s also French. As for bloatware, a little patience is necessary to erase anything that isn’t welcome. Only two Chinese apps of Realme will remain, the shop and a community forum.

Some functions have Chinese residues, but deactivating them eliminates the problem. Only occasionally does Breno’s helper activate me, and I can’t send him to the cemetery, amen.

The photo compartment is identical to that of the Realme GT 2 Pro, which is very similar to that of other OPPO smartphones: it relies on the proven 50 MP Sony IMX 766 with OIS for the main camera, flanked by the 50 MP Samsung JN1 with 150 degree FOV (fisheye) for ultrawide, and complemented by a 3 MP 40X magnification microscope objective.

The images appear nice, like many smartphones with the same sensor (I’ve tried so many in the last 2 years!). During the day, the paste is slightly warm at the wb level, but well-contrasted and not overly sharp. Even at night, this sensor is reliable and noise is well-controlled. Fun ultrawide camera with fisheye effect. The microscope, which serves no use but is nice and better than 2 MP depth-of-field cameras.

A 16 MP selfie cam closes the equipment, I’ve seen better ones but overall it gets along fine throughout the day, just be cautious to disable the automatically renewed enhancement effects.

The videos arrive at 4K at 60 fps and are convincing from all points of view, the best results in terms of stabilization are however seen at 30 fps.

This mini-review will not end with a vote, as for previous models planned for the Chinese market: it is difficult to make a timely evaluation on all elements, as well as not being able to calibrate the judgement on the price list, which does not exist for the old continent.

Final thoughts: Realme GT2 Explorer Master verifies, if needed, the solidity of Realme’s proposals, notably in the medium-to-high range. A super top-of-the-line model is missing, but it may not be necessary as the brand’s popularity is expanding without fireworks.


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