Experts say thousands of Pakistanis die each year from the wrong medication.

Roughly 500,000 individuals each year in Pakistan die as a result of taking the wrong medications, which also accounts for about 3% of hospital mortality and about 18.3% of adverse events. These insights were provided by medical professionals in a webinar titled “Medication Without Harm,” according to a story in the Dawn newspaper.

thousands of Pakistanis die each year from the wrong medication

The function was presided over by the Chief Executive Officer of the Punjab Health Commission, Dr. Muhammad Saqib Aziz.

Experts in their respective fields urge doctors to strictly adhere to established medical and clinical protocols. They also advised that, in the event of any negligence, the relevant authorities should look into the situation so that future preventative measures can be taken. Dr. Faisal Sultan, the chief executive officer of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Noor Muhammad Shah, the director of the pharmacy division of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), are all leaders in their fields.

According to Dr. Saqib Aziz, the goal of this event is to assist people and healthcare professionals in eradicating the harm brought on by the improper use of medications. He went into more detail on how drugs are misused and outlined four themes for medicine safety, including the public, and patients, professionals, drugs, and systems. He noted that even in the US, where 2 to 6 out of every 100 people misuse drugs, drug safety is a problem that affects the entire world.

Saqib Aziz discussed the various aspects of medication abuse. He claimed that these errors are caused by a deficient medicine management system and human factors, which result in subpar prescription, dispensing, administration, and monitoring procedures that can cause patient disability or even death.

Dr. Faisal Sultan provided the information while keeping the issue of patient safety in mind.

He provided specifics regarding the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital’s process for preventing the misuse of medications and advised that, in the event of an unfavourable incidence, corrective action should be performed after the conclusion of the relevant investigations.

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