The presence of microplastics in Karachi tea has been revealed

Numerous microplastic particles have been found in the tea made in hotels in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, according to a recent study. Microplastics are plastic particles, typically invisible to the naked eye, that are found in the air, water, sea life, vegetables, and other things. According to previous global research, every person in the world swallows 50,000 microplastic particles every year through their food and breath.

microplastics in tea

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that microplastic particles are not harmful to human health in light of the aforementioned studies.

A recent study in Pakistan discovered that Karachi residents are consuming microplastics through tea. According to Arab Broadcasting Agency ‘Urdu News,’ a cup of tea in Karachi may contain 100 to 1200 microplastic particles, according to research conducted jointly by Jinnah Hospital for Women and ‘World Wide Fund for Nature’ (WWF). are In light of this,

WWF technical expert Muhammad Moazzam Khan told the broadcaster that microplastics were found in most places in Karachi and the research revealed that their levels were increasing at an alarming rate in the city.

Microplastic particles were mostly found in the areas near the beach, namely Clifton and Defiance, but plastic particles were found throughout the city. The report stated that there are 300 microplastics in one gram of sand near a beach, compared to 200 for the same distance away from the beach.

Research on the presence of microplastics in food in the city revealed that people are also ingesting plastic through tea, according to Dr. Rana Hadi, head of the Department of Zoology at Jinnah University for Women. She also claimed that microplastics were discovered in tea samples from hotels in Karachi.

One millilitre of tea contains 1 to 5 microplastic particles, which suggests that there could be 100 or even 1,000 or more plastic particles in a cup of tea, according to Dr. Rana Hadi. Although the plastic particles were discovered in the tea, he claimed that after the tea is cooked, the plastic particles become mixed with the milk, sugar, and tea leaves, making it very difficult to identify them.

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