A true friend is one who coIs China atrue friend?mes in handy in times of trouble.

The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan released a statement expressing its goodwill and solidarity with Pakistan. The Chinese embassy stated on Twitter that a true friend is one who assists in times of need. The Chinese government, army, and other institutions are assisting Pakistan in its flood relief efforts. Chinese citizens, the Chinese Red Cross, and businesses are actively assisting and supporting Pakistan. The statement went on to say that people from every sector of China are assisting Pakistan. In this difficult time, China fully supports Pakistan. Is China a true friend?

According to the Chinese Embassy, it provided 90.2 million dollars in aid to flood victims. The Chinese government contributed $400 million, the Chinese army contributed $100 million, the Chinese people contributed 125 million, and the embassy contributed 17 million. Aside from that, the Chinese Red Cross Society contributed 201 million in aid.

Chinese-Pakistani relationship destroys our religious belief. Can our Punjabi/Pakhtoon scholars comment on this relationship?


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