Kenya's Star newspaper's story has failed to convince people. Who killed Arshad Sharif?

A senior Pakistani journalist was shot dead by police on the Nairobi-Magadi highway on Sunday night, according to Kenya's Star newspaper.

 Arshad Sharif was shot in the head by the police after his driver allegedly violated the stoppage at the naka set up to check vehicles.

 Police said they were on their way to Nairobi from Magadi town when they were stopped at a checkpoint run by a group of police officers.

 The police headquarters said the independent policing watchdog authority will look into the case.

 A senior police officer confirmed the shooting and added that a detailed statement would be issued later.

 The officer said that

"We had a firing incident which turned out to be a case of mistaken identification of a journalist. We'll release more information later."

 According to the police, after a carjacking incident in Pangani area of Nairobi, on the road block, where a child was taken hostage, the police were called to stop a car they were driving.

 And a few minutes later, Arshad Sharif's car came to the road block i.e. the police checkpoint and he was stopped and signaled for his identity.

They allegedly failed to stop the car and sped through the road block.

 After this, during a brief chase, a bullet was fired, killing Arshad Sharif. His car overturned and his driver was injured and he was taken to a hospital.

 He later told the police that he and his deceased accomplice were developers and were on their way to a site in Magadi.

Kenya's police did not mention the killing of Arshad Sharif by the police in the official report, according to which he tried to cross the block road with small stones on the road , on which people heard the sound of firing.

 This news was run by a news channel only to make it narrative, which was rejected by the rest of Kenya's media and it was being discussed fiercely in Kenya, now it has been proved wrong.

 According to Kenyan journalists, Arshad Sharif's body is in a cold room 78 kilometers away from the place where Kenyan police claim to have shot.

 Why was the body taken 78 km away?

 Arshad Sharif's car was hit by nine bullets on the left side of the car and one bullet hit the tire of the car, one bullet hit Arshad Sharif's head, due to which he died on the spot and died.



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