Pakistan was not even mentioned in the US National Security Strategy 2022,

Us President Joe Biden has said that Pakistan is probably one of the most dangerous nations in the world because its "nuclear weapons are unregulated". 

He expressed these views while addressing the reception of the Campaign Committee of the Democratic Congress on Thursday. 

"And Pakistan, I think, is probably one of the most dangerous nations in the world because their nuclear weapons are unregulated," Biden was quoted as saying in a transcript of the speech published on the White House website. 

The US President made this statement in the context of the changing geopolitical situation globally. 

"The world is changing rapidly and countries are rethinking their unity and the truth of the matter is that I truly believe that the world is looking at us, it's not a joke," he said. 

"Even our enemies are looking at us to find out how we understand it, what we do. 

Biden said there was a lot at stake, stressing that the United States had the ability to take the world to a place never before. 

"Have you ever thought that since the Cuban missile crisis, you will have a Russian leader who would threaten the use of tactical nuclear weapons that would kill only 3,000 to 4,000 people and limit it to one point of view? 

Talking about his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, the US president described him as someone who knew what he wanted but had "too many" problems with him. 

"How do we handle what's happening in Russia, and I think it's probably one of the most dangerous nations in the world, Pakistan. Which has unregulated nuclear weapons. 

Earlier, Pakistan, once considered a key ally of the United States, was not even mentioned in the US National Security Strategy 2022, while China was identified as "america's most consequential geopolitical challenge". 

The 48-page document, released on Wednesday evening, mentions terrorism and other geo-strategic threats in the South and Central Asian region, but unlike in the recent past, it does not name Pakistan as an ally needed to deal with these threats. 

Foreign Office spokesman Asim Iftikhar refused to immediately respond to Dawn's request on the recent statement of the US President and said that the SPEECH of the US President is being carefully reviewed. 

The spokesman said that after reviewing the speech, a response will be given at the government level. 

Foreign Office sources said that the us president's remarks on Pakistan are unnecessary, it is difficult to understand in what context the US president made the statement. 

Sources further said that the US has always been critical of Pakistan's nuclear program. 

Federal Minister for Energy Khurram Dastgir said that the doubts expressed by the US President about Pakistan are absolutely wrong. 

Addressing a press conference in Gujranwala, he said, "According to my information when I was the Defense Minister, international agencies have confirmed not once but dozens of times regarding our nuclear program that our command and control system is absolutely safe." 

He said that according to international standards, it has all kinds of security, so the allegations of the US President are completely baseless. 

Former federal minister and PTI leader Fawad A few days ago, the irresponsible statement about Saudi Arabia and now on Pakistan, it seems that US President Joe Biden wants to divert attention from the declining reputation among the American people. 

Fawad Chaudhry further said that Joe Biden should immediately withdraw irresponsible statements about Pakistan, our current leadership may be weak but the people are not weak. 

In addition, PTI's Member of National Assembly and leader Shireen Mazari tagged the US President in her tweet and said that the real threat to the world is america's nuclear program because you do not have control over your weapons. 

"In 2007, a B-52 aircraft carrying six live nuclear bombs flew, which (no one) knows for hours. 

"An irresponsible nuclear-capable superpower that tends to change governments through intervention is filling the sea with troops," he said. 

He said that the stories of the horror of the prisoners are as long as Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and Bagram, not even your citizens are safe, who are driven away by a gunman every day, Biden sir, have some shame!

In this regard, former Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser said that US President Joe Biden's irresponsible statement about Pakistan's nuclear assets is an attempt to divert attention from his declining popularity among the American people. 

He further said that the present government of Pakistan will be your slave, the people of Pakistan are not your slaves. 


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