The car reported stolen was a Mercedes Benz with a different license plate number than the Land Cruiser

 Well-known Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif was shot and killed Sunday night. Yesterday, police gave conflicting accounts of what happened.

The Toyota Land Cruiser he was traveling in belongs to Mr. Ahmed.

The police say that the GSU officers were sent to set up the road block in a government Toyota Land Cruiser. They were told to do this by the inspector who was on duty.

Even though the roadblock was put in the right place, it is confusing that the police now have a different story about what happened after the journalist and his friend drove up to the roadblock in their car.

A report with the OB number 14/23/10/2022 from the Magadi Police station said that the people in the Toyota Land Cruiser ignored orders to stop at the road block in Kamukuru, which made the police shoot at it.

Yesterday, though, the police said that the people in the car shot at the GSU officers when they stopped them and hurt one of them, which made the officers shoot back.

The officers also said that the Toyota Land Cruiser that was shot at was driven 12 kilometers away before it was left in a village.

A report about the shooting that went around the security community said that constable Kelvin Mutuku was shot in the wrist when the people in a Toyota Land Cruiser that had been flagged down because it was thought to be stolen started shooting at the officers.

He was told to stop, but he refused and shot at our officers, which made them respond to the vehicle as it sped towards Nairobi," the police said.

At the same time, the car reported stolen was a Mercedes Benz with a different license plate number than the Land Cruiser. The police can't figure out why the GSU officers who fired their guns thought the Toyota Land Cruiser was a Mercedes Benz.

Also, it's unclear why the police, who had their own car at the roadblock and were shot at by the people in the Toyota Land Cruiser, didn't go after them. The answer may come as investigations move forward.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority had asked for the names of the officers at the roadblock and the guns they were given by last night's evening. This is so that ballistic tests can be done to find out who fired the shot that killed the man. The officers were questioned on Monday, and today, the Internal Affairs Unit will also be a part of the investigation, so they will likely be questioned again.


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