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Samsung's 'Galaxy S23' camera result stunned users

South Korean smartphone company Samsung is going to introduce its best phone 'Galaxy S23' at the end of this year or early next year, people were stunned after the pictures of the camera results came out. Although the Galaxy S23 has not yet been introduced, there are reports that this time the phone will have a 200-megapixel main camera and this camera will be equipped with modern technology and sensors, the result of which will be better than the iPhone camera. Samsung has not issued any official statement regarding the features and introduction of the 'Galaxy S23', but now the pictures of the mobile camera have been shared on the Chinese social application Weibo, indicating that a major change has been made in the mobile camera. Among the 'Galaxy S23' and 'Galaxy S22' camera images that went viral on Weibo, the best image of the 'Google Pixel 7' camera, including 'Galaxy S23', is of 'Galaxy S23', whose colo

A teacher Germany has been charged with sexually abusing more than 100 children

In Germany, a former teacher has been charged with sexually abusing more than 100 children and young people.   A man in Frankfurt, Germany, has been accused of sexually abusing more than 100 children and young people over a period of 23 years (1998 to 2021). The 47-year-old accused has been a former teacher in terms of money and during this time he did this heinous act. In Germany, a former teacher has been charged with sexually abusing more than 100 children and young people.   A man in Frankfurt, Germany, has been accused of sexually abusing more than 100 children and young people over a period of 23 years (1998 to 2021).   The 47-year-old accused has been a former teacher in terms of money and during this time he did this heinous act.   German authorities came to know of his crimes after the United States declared him to be spreading objectionable content on the Internet. In the light of information from US officials, German police raided the

Junk food, poultry and processed foods can severely damage blood vessels

Those who eat junk food and poor diet only for tongue chatter should be careful that their habit for a long time not only increases the risk of obesity, blood pressure and diabetes, but also severely affects the large and small blood vessels internally.   Scientists at the University of Leipzig in Germany have said that according to many evidences, poultry food, junk and fast food affect the walls of the veins inside the arteries, even endothelial cells can be affected. As a result, diseases, and other diseases can increase. On the other hand, they can also result in obesity.     On the other hand, experts claim  that the sensitive system of metabolism is affected before eating junk types. It affects the blood vessels in the vital organs but has negative effects in different ways. For example, if the veins of the liver are filled with fats, then the veins of the kidneys start to fail at the metabolic level and the irritation in the veins of the lungs increases.

Depression in people who do not eat meat revealed

Although some research in the past suggested that eating too much meat is also harmful, now a new study has shown that people who avoid eating meat are more likely to have depression. According to research published in the medical journal 'Science Direct', long research conducted in Brazil showed that people who eat vegetables fondly are twice as likely to suffer from depression. For the study, experts asked more than 14,000 adults about food, including people between the ages of 35 and 75. Later, the experts interviewed all the volunteers and checked their body mass index (BMI), other tests were also done and their economic and social conditions were also assessed. Experts also took into account the lifestyle of the volunteers and concluded that depression is generally suffering from people who do not eat meat despite deliberately expanding.   According to experts, people who eat vegetables were twice as likely to suffer from depression, but it is no

Christian population falls below 50% in UK

  For the first time in the UK and Wales, Christians have fallen below half of the country's population after a 13% drop, according to census data released in the UK. A 10-year census report conducted in 2021, a few months after Britain's first Indian-origin British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak became prime minister, has seen a sharp increase in the muslim population. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) says no religion is more common in the UK than Christians. Stephen Cottrell, archbishop of the Christian synagogue of York, said it was "no surprise" that the proportion of Christians in the population was declining over time.   People still need spirituality in view of the crisis of spending life and the war in Europe. "In many cases, we will be with them, we will continue to feed them, while millions of people will still come to serve us at Christmas," said Badri of the Christian church Anglican. The UK-based humanitaria

Is lettuce in foil healthy?

Packaged lettuce arouses a lot of controversy. On the one hand, buying washed, sliced and portioned lettuce or a mix of lettuce seems like a godsend and life improvement if you're looking to save time in the kitchen. On the other hand, some warn that the lettuce in the package is a bomb of bacteria, "chemistry itself" or that it contains poisonous chlorine residues. We check how it really is.   There is a lot of controversy around pre-packaged salads. Many people consider them artificial and unhealthy, which is why they avoid buying lettuce in foil. Others treat lettuce in packages as a great convenience and even a must-have in a quick fit kitchen. Who is right? What is the right approach to lettuce in foil and are they healthy? Here are the answers to these questions.   Pre-packaged lettuce - advantages Pre-packaged lettuce is becoming more and more popular in Poland and throughout Europe. Lettuce in foil packaging or packages offers a variety of greens.

What should parents do if their child shows the early signs of a cold?

 Autumnal colds can cause significant exhaustion in sick children and their caregivers, causing chaos in the family's schedule. The most prevalent and bothersome symptoms that lower a sick person's quality of life are coughing, runny noses, sneezing, and fever. How can children's cold symptoms be relieved? Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko:   Autumn cold Autumn is associated with changing weather, lower temperatures, wind, rain, and less sunlight, as well as for many people, diseases. Children are much more likely than adults to contract an infection. All as a result of their underdeveloped immune system. Most parents are familiar with the typical autumn cold, which is characterized by viral inflammation of the nose and throat mucous membranes.   Weakness is the disease's first symptom. The kid might be tired and grumpy, complaining, and less hungry. Sore throat, runny nose, and fever are some of the most typical signs of the common cold.   How to deal with

Eating grapes will increase your age and decrease your liver fat.

 It is now grape season, and as a result, researchers have produced an intriguing analysis of its additional benefits.   They maintain that regular grape consumption enhances genetic expression, lowers fatty liver, and predictably lengthens lifespan; however, all of these studies were carried out on mice.   According to this study, which was published in the journal Foods, eating grapes ought to become routine. John Pizziotto, a professor at Western New England University, and his colleagues conducted this study. He claimed that food has a significant impact on the body and that the nutritional effects on the developing child begin during the mother's pregnancy. The advantages of grapes are incredible.   The first advantage is that eating grapes lowers the risk of developing a fatty liver. because grape consumption alters the genes that cause this fat to increase (fatty liver disease). This condition, which can also lead to liver failure or cancer, is widespread throughout th

According to a study, artificial nighttime lighting increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  Increased exposure to artificial light in the evening is linked to a higher risk of diabetes, claims a study that was published in Diabetologia, a journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. The study discovered that nighttime exposure to outdoor artificial light (LAN) was linked to poor blood glucose regulation and an elevated risk of diabetes, a condition that affects more than nine million Chinese adults. are credited to Dr. Yu Su, who conducted this study with his colleagues from two Chinese universities.   The study, which was based on data from close to 100,000 Chinese men and women exposed to artificial light during the night, was reported in the Telegraph. Those who were exposed to the most artificial light had a 28 percent higher chance of developing a metabolic disorder and having their melatonin levels interfered with by light. Our circadian rhythm is regulated by the hormone melatonin. There is growing evidence that our chronic lifestyle is harming o

New research shows that climate change is making more dangerous diseases spread.

 According to a climate change analysis report, many health issues are becoming more prevalent and severe as a result of it. Photo by Markus Spiske:  In this area, researchers conducted 364 studies from 1990 to 2022, and the results showed that the rising global temperature and increasing climate intensity are linked to a number of diseases, such as stroke (rupture of an artery in the brain) and dementia (a degenerative disease of the brain). It is also increasing the number of migraines and making the nervous system stiff and unable to move.  This research report was written under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Dhawan of Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.  According to the report, hospital admissions for dementia go up by 12% when the temperature goes up by 10 degrees Celsius. The researchers also said that not only are serious diseases on the rise, but also many mild diseases like headaches.  Aside from this, mental stress and heart diseases are also on the rise because of the

5 Ways to Increase Nitric Oxide Naturally

What does it mean to have an ED? Impotence, sometimes referred to as erectile dysfunction, is characterized by difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection. It can be awkward to bring up the subject. According to reports, more than half of males between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from ED. "Erectile dysfunction is a common, multifactorial disorder that is associated with aging and a range of organic and psychogenic conditions, including hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and depression." (Burnett)  Nitric oxide (NO) is thought to be the primary chemical mediator and vasoactive nonadrenergic, noncholinergic neurotransmitter of penile erection.  "Nitric oxide (NO) is a physiological signal that is crucial for penile erection, and erectile dysfunction is frequently linked to illnesses that impair NO synthesis or release in the erectile tissue.

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How Saudi Arabia Joining BRICS can shift the world power? : USA vs Saudi Arabia Explained.

UAE and Saudi Arabia joining in BRICS will be game changing The balance of power in the world will forever change if the UAE and Saudi Arabia join BRICS. "A global trend aimed at building an economic and financial system parallel to the current one was accelerated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We have previously discussed the possibility of the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—which together account for 41% of the world's population—adding the GCC countries." "These nations also make up 23% of the world's economy and 18% of its trade, reflecting their relative significance to the world economy as a whole. Saudi Arabia recently submitted an application to join the group, which was warmly embraced by current members. Also being discussed is the possibility of the UAE and Turkey joining, which would fundamentally alter the balance of power in the world and contribute to a more stable system." "The three countries' likely

In just 10 months, 519 new cases of the deadly disease "AIDS" have been reported in Islamabad, the country's capital.

 In just 10 months, 519 new cases of the deadly disease "AIDS" have been reported in Islamabad, the country's capital.  All of the reported cases between January and October 2022 are men, and 45% of them are younger than 25.  Most people with HIV were attracted to other gay people, but a large number were heterosexuals who had sex without protection.  The English newspaper "The News" said that 45 percent of young people with HIV in Islamabad are between the ages of 18 and 25, and most of them come from educated, upper-class families.  In the last 10 months, there were an average of 51 new HIV cases reported each month in the federal capital. That's two cases each day.  From January to October, 64 HIV cases were reported in August, which was the most of any month. Because of the rise in HIV in the capital, the Polyclinic Hospital also started offering HIV treatment.  The report said that health experts said that young people with HIV were attracted to h

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Dad little princess dance💃#vijayayoutubechannel #shortvideo #shortz #viralshort

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HDL does not protect against heart disease - A New Study

  High-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as useful cholesterol, may not be as helpful in predicting and protecting against heart disease risk as previously thought, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.     Research conducted in the 1970s found that higher levels of HDL cholesterol were associated with a lower risk of heart disease. This relationship has since been widely accepted and used for cardiovascular risk assessments. Although that research was done only on white Americans .   Recently, a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that low levels of HDL cholesterol in white Americans were associated with a stronger risk of heart attack, while this observation was not correct in black Americans.   At the same time, the research also found that high amounts of HDL cholesterol in both groups did not cause a reduction in the risk of heart disease.   "It was believed that low levels of

7 countries, including Pakistan, facing severe currency crisis

Japanese financial institution Nomura has warned that seven countries, including Pakistan, are facing a severe currency crisis.     According to the report published in The Dawn newspaper, Japanese financial institution Nomura has cited the negative situation about the economy and according to it, Egypt, Romania, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Czech Republic and Hungary, including Pakistan, are suffering from severe currency crisis.   The Japanese company says that since May this year, 22 out of 32 countries have faced internal threats, with the Czech Republic and Brazil at the top.   The total internal threat score of 32 countries has increased from 1,744 in May to 2,234.   This score is the highest number since July 1999 and is likely to reach 2,692 soon during the Asian crisis, Nomura economists described emerging currencies as a sign of danger.   This model shows 8 key indicators on an interest rate to give a country's international reserves, exchange rate, f

What exercises should be done by those who spend the day sitting in the offices?

    Most of the employed people spend a long part of the day sitting in front of the screen, this habit is causing many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and mental illness. Health experts consider this habit as dangerous as smoking.   During a recent study, scientists revealed that exercising for a certain period of time is very important to remove the harmful effects of a day of sitting. According to research, if you have spent 10 hours of the day sitting, it is very important to perform 40 minutes of exercise or physical activity every day, including moderate or intense exercise, to avoid its harmful effects on health, and according to experts, it is the right time. The study is based on a meta-analysis published in 2020 that analyzed nine previous studies. Research has shown that some minor physical activities such as cycling, brisk walking and gardening can also help you reduce your risk of premature death. The World Health O

Fatty diet can leader to sever body pain

A study has found that even if you are not obese, do not suffer from diabetes, nor have you been forbidden to live due to any injury. Nevertheless, you may suffer from an unknown chronic pain caused by an "excess of a fat-rich diet."   A new study on mice by researchers at the University of Texas suggests that consuming a high-fat diet for a short period of time could possibly be related to obesity or diabetes or a feeling of discomfort without any injury.     The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, compared the effects of different diets given to two groups of mice for eight weeks. One group was given a normal diet while the other group was given a high-fat diet in such a way that it did not result in an increase in levels of obesity or blood sugar (which can cause diabetic neuropathy and other types of suffering) in the mice.   Researchers found in the research that due to a fat-rich diet, a neurological change that explains the transi

Toxic chemicals found in lunch boxes and other plastic utensils at home increase the risk of tumors in the womb

Toxic chemicals found in lunch boxes and other plastic utensils at home increase the risk of tumors in the womb, a study has found.     The growth of these non-cancerous tumors is a common phenomenon that affects eight out of 10 women. These tumors are not harmful and are often not seen.     But in 25% of cases, these tumors grow and can cause infertility and abortion problems that require a complex operation to remove them. Researchers at Northwestern University examined 712 pre-menopausal women and their diethyl hexyl pathlet (DEHP) exposure. This chemical is used to strengthen plastic.     The researchers found a strong link between higher levels of DEHP and the formation of larger fibroids.   In one experiment, researchers reported that DEHP activates a process that accelerates the growth of fibroid tumors.     Because DEHP has been declared a reproductive poison, which means it can cause infertility, it was banned under European law in 2015.

Prevent depression and anxiety by exercising properly: Research

A third of people at risk of anxiety and depression can avoid these mental disorders by exercising properly, according to a study.     Although doctors ask people with depression to exercise for treatment, a study of more than 37,000 people at the University of Glasgow showed that by exercising more, people can avoid mental problems like depression and anxiety.   Researchers found that if everyone exercised hard for 75 minutes a week that caused breathlessness, it could prevent up to 19 percent of cases of depression and anxiety, and if moderate physical activity was done between two and a half hours and five hours per week, the chances of developing depression and anxiety could be reduced by 13 percent.   According to the results of the research, about one-third of the cases of depression and anxiety can potentially be avoided through exercise.   "This is an important public health message because exercise is free and everyone can increase its intake,&

Air pollution can cause children to suffer from high blood pressure in the future: Research

A study has found that air pollution can cause children to have high blood pressure later in life, especially when they start gaining weight.     Experts have warned that children should be encouraged to walk from school to home on low-traffic routes, while there should be trees in the fields in schools so that they can absorb pollution. The  study, led by researchers at King's College London, looked at eight studies on nearly 15,000 children between the ages of 10 and 19, the focus of the researchers was the exposure of pollutants to children, including fine PM2.5 particles found in car smoke and PM10 particles that are found in car wheel pieces and wood stoves. were included in the exits.   At the age of 12, blood pressure was markedly higher due to the exposure of pm2.5 and pm10 long-term high levels on children, these particles go directly into the lungs through inhalation, thus causing high blood pressure at an older age and increasing the risk of hear

Diabetes also has an impact on the cardiovascular system

 Diabetes also has an impact on the cardiovascular system, making diabetics a group that is particularly susceptible to heart disease. Blood vessels are harmed by too much sugar in the blood, which also hastens atherosclerosis and raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. However, not all diabetics are destined to develop heart disease; a lot depends on the patient and his attitude, the doctor explains. Piotr Kdzierski from the Otwock-based European Health Center. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich:   Doctor, how common are cardiovascular problems in diabetics? People with type 2 diabetes, which is very prevalent, are particularly vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. According to epidemiological studies, 60–70% of diabetic patients experience these complications. The duration of diabetes causes an increase in this percentage.   This is due to a number of metabolic disorders brought on by high blood glucose levels, tissues that are resistant to insulin, a characteristic of

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Excessive harshness on children can cause depression

The training of children is not an easy task and now it has been revealed that if children are subjected to excessive strictness, their DNA is affected, due to which they can also suffer from depression in adolescence and youth.     In this way, due to the harshness and scolding of the parents, epigenetic changes occur in them and biologically they increase the risk of mental stress and depression, but its effects start appearing in adulthood, to eliminate its negative effect, it is necessary to train the children with a sense of security and love so that their personality can be balanced.   The study, now conducted by Professor Evelyn von Ashe of the University of Münster in Germany, who was associated with the University of Leuven in Belgium at the time of the research, has been presented at the conference of the European College of Neuropsychology Pharmacology, she says that the process of killing and shouting at children can affect the natural process of gene re

Low income accelerates memory decline in middle age, research

Economic inequality is linked to a number of medical problems such as depression, high blood pressure and obesity.   But now it has been revealed that low income also causes memory impairment in middle age.   This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.   The columbia university study examined data from 2,879 people born between 1936 and 1941.   From 1994 to 2004, their salaries were compared and divided into three groups, i.e. they were divided into high-income, middle and low-income groups.   These individuals' memory decline was then assessed from 2004 to 2016.   Research has found that the process of memory decline of low-paid people is very fast in middle age .   Researchers said that the results provide new evidence that indicates that there is a relationship between our income in adolescence and the speed of memory decline in later life.   He added that social policies should improve the financial status of

The common habit that can cause memory impairment

  This has been revealed in a new medical research / File Photo   Do you often forget things or things? So it may be because of a habit of yours.   Yes, being anxious often can lead to memory impairment.   This claim was revealed in a new medical study conducted in Britain.     The common thing that can weaken your memory increases the speed of memory decline in low-income middle age, research from Imperial College London examined how the memory of people who are often worried or worried is.   For this purpose, people were surveyed to assess the extent to which they remembered different events in their lives and then compared it to the effects on five personal characteristics such as reacting to a negative event, interest in the outside world, clarity, situational compatibility, and conscious awareness.   The research found that certain personality traits affect a person's memory.   According to research, people who are more anxiou

Alarming decline in the fertility of men worldwide, research

Men's sperm count worldwide is declining by 2.6% annually.   This was revealed in a new study.   From 1973 to 2000, sperm count decreased by 1.2 percent annually, but from 2000 to 2018 it increased to 2.6 percent.   According to the researchers, this is a big crisis for humanity and if we do not take immediate steps, this problem will reach a level from where it will not be possible to reverse it.   In this study, 223 research reports on more than 57,000 men from 53 countries were analyzed in depth.   The results showed for the first time that the decline in sperm count and concentration rates in Latin America, Asia and Africa is similar to that in Europe, North America and Australia.   According to the researchers, this means that the reduction in sperm count rate has reached such an extent that couples may face difficulties in getting children.   The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, said it has become a global problem

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People who wake up late at night have a higher risk of diabetes, research

People who wake up late at night have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes than those who wake up early in the morning, according to a new medical study.     This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.   Research has shown that people who wake up late at night have a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease because they have less ability to dissolve body fat for energy.   In contrast, people who wake up early in the morning, their bodies rely more on fat for energy, and these people are also more active during the day than those who wake up late at night.   According to research, fat accumulates more easily in people who wake up late at night.   The findings help explain why people who wake up late at night are at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.   The study, conducted by Rutgers University in the US, included 51 middle-aged people who were obese.   These people were divided into group

Millions of Facebook passwords have been stolen

Facebook's owner Meta has warned millions of social media users that their social media passwords may have been stolen through certain smartphone applications.     According to the foreign news agency, Meta Company has said that so far this year it has identified more than 400 unsafe applications that have been made for Apple and Android smartphones.   David Agranovich, director of Meta, responsible for preventing threats, said the apps are available on the Apple and Google App Stores.   A Meta blog post said the apps were listed on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store and offered in the form of photo editors, games, VPN services, business apps and other utilities so that people could download them fraudulently. According to the news agency AFP, Meta has said that such apps often ask people to log in with their Facebook account information to access specific features. And if the password is entered, they steal it. More than 40 percent of the