Another big harmful affect of waking up late at night has come to light


If you like to stay awake late at night, this habit can make you prone to a mental disorder that has become very common in the current era.


This was revealed in a medical study.


The study, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, found that people who woke up late at night were at a higher risk of being affected by anxiety than those who woke up early in the morning.


People who wake up late at night have a higher risk of diabetes, research

is a 24-hour natural cycle of the human body and mind, also known as the body clock and this system affects our emotions and behavior.


Researchers from Italy, Germany and Chile included 40 people, of whom 20 were accustomed to waking up late at night, while the rest liked to sleep and wake up early.


The results of the study showed that people who stay up late at night have a higher risk of anxiety than others.


Researchers said that the results reveal the effects of the body clock on the brain and indicate that waking up late at night increases the risk of anxiety because the mental response to fear or fear in such people is different from other people.


Earlier, a medical study conducted in Canada showed that the habit of waking up early or sleeping late at night affects human intelligence.


The research highlighted how a person's waking and sleeping routines are linked to intelligence.


According to the researchers, the results of the research surprised us because earlier research reports said that people who stay up late at night have an advantage in this regard.


The study found that young people generally like to stay up late at night, while older people are accustomed to sleeping and waking up early.


But according to the researchers, the results indicate that the habit of getting up early is very important for young people.





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