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Exercise regulates iron in the body and mind

Regular exercise regulates iron in the body and does not cause many diseases. Photo: File A study has shown that regular physical activity regulates the metabolism and absorption of iron in the body and brain. This study will also help find ways to understand the benefits of exercise in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The latest study, published in the International Journal of Molecular Journal, was conducted by scientists at the University of Eastern Finland. It was observed during the study that if the absorption of iron in brain is disrupted it causes rapid aging and can lead disease like Alzheimer. Not only does exercise reduce internal irritation and inflammation. However, it needs further study to under the link between iron and Alzheimer. A study was conducted on healthy rats and rats suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Sick rats were made to exercise and iron absorption was observed in them. The other group of rats were given a six-month running wheel. The research l

Amazon Echo Show 8 speaker launched in India

Amazon Echo Show 8 speaker launched in India Amazon has announced the Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) in India. This device is an upgrade of the Echo Show launched in 2019. The 2nd generation Echo Show 8 sports an 8-inch HD screen, an improved 13-megapixel camera, and dual stereo speakers for balanced sound output. Echo Show 8 can be a great device for video calling. You can start a video call simply by asking Alexa to call whomever you want. The Smart Display can also double as a digital photo frame and display your photo frame throughout the day. Echo Show 8 has also been launched with upgraded privacy features. The device comes with a new microphone, camera controls and the ability to delete your voice recordings. Like all other new devices with displays, the Echo Show also comes with a built-in cover to turn off the camera if you think Alexa is recording. Also, the Echo Show 8 is a cheaper alternative to the 2nd generation Echo Show 10, which was launched with a swivel display at a pr