Thursday, April 27, 2023

Do you feel hungry before going to bed?

 Eating late (or before bed) is unhealthy, as we've heard. Why? How about cyclical hunger before bed? Not a good sign.

Hunger before bedtime - the most common causes

Too few valuable meals during the day

Skipping meals, fasting, or eating too little will cause nutritional deficiencies. So, balance meals and eat regularly. Even a small, healthy breakfast will jumpstart our metabolism.

You sleep too little

Sleep has many benefits. Koryzol, the stress hormone, is one. Insufficient sleep causes the body to produce too much. This can lead to snacking between meals. Nighttime cravings for fatty or sweet foods are common. Let's determine how much sleep we need to feel rested and try to get enough sleep.

Emotional hunger

It's common but hard to spot. Emotional overeating is harmful. We'll briefly feel better after eating. Hunger and neglected feelings will return, creating a cycle. Dietary culture raises many questions. Following fashion trends blindly can cause emotional issues and an unhealthy relationship with food. Consult a specialist before blindly searching for a way to lose weight. Tormenting ourselves with a diet and not eating dinner when hungry is bad. Mind your body.

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