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High blood pressure: These drugs could be to blame.

 Check your other medications if you have high blood pressure. Because many drugs have the potential to raise blood pressure, taking these drugs often results in the prescription of blood pressure medications that wouldn't otherwise be required.


When medications lead to high blood pressure

Blood pressure alone does not constitute hypertension. High blood pressure, which is a precursor to heart disease and stroke, is one of the most important risk factors for the leading causes of mortality today.


A person's own behavior, such as a poor diet and lifestyle and taking medications that can have side effects, frequently contribute to high blood pressure. 


Some medications may cause blood pressure elevations.

Three types of medications were identified in the cited study as potential contributors to high blood pressure:

  1. antidepressants ,
  2. non-steroidal anti-inflammatories/painkillers (particularly 
  3. Steroids 

Eighteen percent of the patients polled were now using at least one of these drugs. Other hypertensive drugs include

  1. antipsychotics ,
  2. Decongestants 
  3. Some oral contraceptives.

Combining medicine use is widespread.

A majority of hypertensive patients (48%) were found to have uncontrolled blood pressure. Current guidelines recommend that hypertensive patients aim for a blood pressure of 80 mm Hg or below. Antihypertensive medicines are successful in lowering blood pressure, however many people with high blood pressure either don't know they have it or aren't taking medication for it, or their other prescription raises blood pressure again. The potential for adverse effects and interactions needs to be investigated immediately.


Blood pressure-raising drugs should be stopped or substituted.

Based on the results of the analysis of 27,599 individuals, about half of all 55-year-olds suffer from hypertension. Drugs that increased blood pressure were taken by 24% of women and 14% of men who had high blood pressure. Changing to a more bearable medicine or discontinuing other blood pressure-raising drugs. Around 0.56–2.2 million patients may attain healthy blood pressure without any antihypertensive medicines if 50% of US adults with hypertension quit taking them.


Treat high blood pressure and other diseases naturally

The most important details in this text are that antidepressants alone should not be held responsible for high blood pressure, and that there are other factors that increase blood pressure, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, vascular diseases, obesity, and smoking. Additionally, there are natural measures to lower blood pressure, such as a healthy diet and exercise, which can lower blood pressure just as well as tablets. Finally, there is a high blood pressure nutrition plan that provides suggestions for the right diet for high blood pressure.


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