Myopia management (short sightedness) lenses for children

 Tokyo: Myopia affects millions of people worldwide, particularly children, but a Japanese company has developed a special lens that can slow the progression of this condition.



It has been tested in several European countries, including France, and has yielded positive results over a one-year period. In some cases, a reduction of up to 60% has been observed.


On the other hand, Essilor Luxoteca, another French company, has produced similar glasses. Wearing these lenses for 12 hours can slow vision loss by 67%. 'Stylist' is the name of this lens. Cooper Vision, another American company, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in children.


On the one hand, children are spending more time at home, but they are not ready to put down their smartphones. Our new generation is suffering from poor eyesight as a result of this condition, which has become a global crisis. Parents should take their children outside to get them used to focusing on distant objects, which is also a better natural way to cure shortsightedness.


However, as far as these three lenses are concerned, their price is definitely higher.


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