Saturday, June 3, 2023

how does writing by hand affect cognitive development in children

 Writing by hand has several positive effects on cognitive development in children. Here are some of the key findings from the search results:

  1. Children learn more and remember better when writing by hand, and their brains are more active when handwriting than typing on a computer keyboard
  2. Learning to write by hand is linked to learning to read in young children, and they are better able to generate ideas and retain information when they write by hand
  3. Handwriting is important for the early recruitment in letter processing of brain regions known to underlie successful reading
  4. Handwriting can improve motor and cognitive development in children and young adults
  5. Handwriting requires control of fine motor skills and senses, which can help put the brain in a learning state
Overall, writing by hand appears to have several positive effects on cognitive development in children, including improved learning, memory, reading, and motor and cognitive development.

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