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How many child housemaids have been killed in Pakistan?

 According to various sources, including The News International

, at least 140 child domestic workers have been tortured, raped, or murdered in Pakistan over the past decade. Of the total reported cases, 79% were reported from Punjab, 14% from Sindh, 6% from Islamabad, and 1% from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

The majority of the cases were reported from Punjab. The statistics compiled by rights groups in January 2020 showed that 140 cases of abuse, torture, rape, and murder of child domestic workers were reported by the media over 10 years. 

The mistreatment of underage domestic workers has hit the news before, and many cases go unreported. It is illegal for children to work in factories and other industries in Pakistan, but there are still about 12 million child workers in the country
 Many work as domestic staff in private homes, making it more difficult for authorities to detect. Extreme poverty pushes many families to send their children to work

The most recent case of a child housemaid being killed in Pakistan was the murder of Zahra, a seven-year-old girl who was tortured to death by her employers in Rawalpindi. Zahra's death sparked outrage across Pakistan, and led to calls for stricter laws to protect child domestic workers.

The abuse of child domestic workers is a serious problem in Pakistan. Many of these children are forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions, and are often subjected to physical and sexual abuse. The government has taken some steps to address this problem, but needs more to be done to protect these children.

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