Thursday, August 31, 2023

Is right to blame Israel alone for the crisis and violence?

 According to the search results, both Israelis and Palestinians are responsible for the crisis and violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The violence is fueled by a growing sense of despair about the future, and the lack of a settlement to the Palestinian problem continues to provoke regular bloody eruptions of violence in the zone of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli settler violence continues, and Israel has a responsibility to abide by international humanitarian law when carrying out security measures. Palestinians are regularly subjected to violence by Israeli settlers, including physical attacks, shooting with live ammunition, and torching of property. Israel's permanent and illegal occupation endangers the cultural existence of the Palestinian people and violates their right to self-determination. The EU should encourage Egypt to maintain its mediation between Israel and Gaza, which is critical for stabilizing the strip. The finding of crimes against humanity should prompt the international community to reevaluate its approach to Israel and Palestine.

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