Thursday, August 31, 2023

Israeli settler violence and illegal takeover of Palestinian lands have endangered the cultural existence of the Palestinian people

Yes, according to a report by the UN’s independent expert on the occupied Palestinian territory, Israel’s occupation is illegal and indistinguishable from a “settler-colonial” situation, which must end as a pre-condition for Palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination². 

The report asserts that the Israeli occupation violates Palestinian territorial sovereignty by seizing, annexing, fragmenting, and transferring its civilian population to the occupied territory. 

The occupation furthermore “endangers the cultural existence of the Palestinian people” by erasing or appropriating symbols expressing Palestinian identity and violates Palestinians’ ability to organize themselves, free from alien domination and control, by repressing Palestinian political activity, advocacy and activism². 

UN human rights experts have also expressed alarm at the rising rate of violence directed by Israeli settlers towards Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory¹. 

Settler violence has taken many forms, including physical violence, shooting with live ammunition, torching of fields and livestock, theft and vandalization of property, trees and crops, stone-throwing and tenacious intimidation of herders and their families¹. These attacks are primarily directed against rural Palestinian families living on small farms or in villages and towns in the occupied West Bank located in close proximity to Israeli settlements¹.

 Many of these Palestinians reside in the so-called “Area C” of the West Bank, which is under complete Israeli security and civil control, and where Israel’s de facto annexation stratagem is most evident¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 8/31/2023

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