Friday, September 29, 2023

What has compelled Saudi Arabia and UAE to invest and do business with India ignoring Pakistan?

 There are several factors that have compelled Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to invest and do business with India, while seemingly ignoring Pakistan. These factors include:

1. Economic potential: India is one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, with a large consumer market and a growing middle class. Saudi Arabia and the UAE see India as a lucrative investment destination and a potential market for their goods and services.

2. Energy cooperation: India is heavily dependent on oil imports, and both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are major oil producers. They have established strong energy cooperation with India, including long-term oil supply agreements and investments in India's energy sector.

3. Strategic partnerships: Saudi Arabia and the UAE view India as an important strategic partner in the region. They share common concerns related to security, counter-terrorism efforts, and stability in the Middle East and South Asia. Strengthening ties with India helps them advance their geopolitical interests.

4. Political stability: India has a stable political system and a democratic framework, which provides confidence to foreign investors. This stability, along with a predictable regulatory environment, attracts investment from countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

5. Infrastructure development: India's infrastructure sector offers significant investment opportunities, including in areas such as transportation, logistics, and smart cities. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and the UAE's economic diversification plans align with India's infrastructure development goals, making it an attractive investment destination.

It is important to note that while Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been investing in India, they also maintain diplomatic and economic ties with Pakistan. The dynamics of each country's relationship with India and Pakistan are shaped by a range of factors, including historical, political, economic, and strategic considerations.

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