Monday, September 4, 2023

what were the social norms regarding marriage and divorce in Arabia at the time of Muhammad ?

 In pre-Islamic Arabia, women had little control over their marriages and were rarely allowed to divorce their husbands. Marriages usually consisted of an agreement between a man and his future wife's family, and occurred either within the tribe or between two families of equal status. 

Fathers sold their daughters into marriage for a price, and the husband could terminate the union at will. Women had little or no property or succession rights. The most common types of marriage at this time consisted of marriage by agreement, marriage by capture, marriage by mahr, marriage by inheritance, and Mutah or temporary marriage. 

Marriage by Mahr was the standard marriage practice. These marriages consisted of the groom or groom's father paying the bride an amount, indicating that he's capable of supporting her financially after the marriage. Marriage by capture, often taking place during times of war, occurred when women were taken captive by men from other tribes and placed on the slave market of Mecca. 

From the slave market, these women were sold into marriage or slavery. In captive marriages, men bought their wives. Women had the right to divorce their husbands, but it was not the dominant practice


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