Thursday, October 12, 2023

How how MAS Singapore meps+ application is managed via swift webacess?

 To manage the MAS Singapore MEP+ (Message Exchange Platform) application via Swift WebAccess, follow these steps:

1. Access Swift WebAccess: Open a web browser and enter the URL provided by MAS Singapore to access the Swift WebAccess login page.

2. Login: Enter your username and password provided by MAS Singapore. Click on the "Login" button to proceed.

3. Navigate to MEP+: Once logged in, you will see a menu or navigation bar. Look for the MEP+ option and click on it to access the MEP+ application.

4. Send Messages: Within the MEP+ application, you can compose and send SWIFT messages. Look for the "Send" or "Compose" option and follow the prompts to input the necessary message details, such as the message type, receiver, and content. Once the message is ready, click on the "Send" button to transmit it.

5. Receive Messages: MEP+ allows you to receive incoming SWIFT messages. Look for the "Inbox" or "Received Messages" option to access your received messages. You can view, download, and process the incoming messages as required.

6. Manage Messages: Swift WebAccess provides options to manage your MEP+ messages. You can search, filter, sort, and organize your messages based on various criteria. Explore the available options in the interface to perform actions such as marking messages as read, deleting messages, or moving them to specific folders.

7. Configure Preferences: Depending on the Swift WebAccess version and configuration, you may have options to configure your MEP+ preferences. This can include settings related to message handling, notifications, message formats, and more. Look for the "Preferences" or "Settings" section within the MEP+ application to customize these options according to your requirements.

8. Generate Reports: Swift WebAccess may offer reporting features to generate various types of reports related to your MEP+ activities. Look for the "Reports" or "Analytics" section to access these features and generate reports as needed.

9. Seek Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions related to managing MEP+ via Swift WebAccess, refer to the user guide or documentation provided by MAS Singapore. You can also reach out to their support team for assistance.

Note: The specific steps and options may vary depending on the version and configuration of Swift WebAccess and the MEP+ application used by MAS Singapore. It is recommended to refer to the user guide or documentation provided by MAS Singapore for detailed instructions tailored to their specific setup.

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