Sunday, October 8, 2023

Is Israeli blocade of Gaza is legal in accordance with the International law? Why is the United Nations doing anything to lift the blocade?

 The legality of the Israeli blockade on Gaza under international law is a subject of debate. Israel implemented the blockade in 2007, citing security concerns due to the presence of militant groups like Hamas. The blockade restricts the movement of goods, people, and resources in and out of Gaza.

Supporters of the blockade argue that it is a legitimate measure taken in self-defense to prevent the smuggling of weapons and materials that could be used for hostile purposes. They claim that the blockade is consistent with international law, including the right to self-defense and the principle of proportionality.

Critics, on the other hand, argue that the blockade constitutes a form of collective punishment, which is prohibited under international humanitarian law. They argue that it violates the rights of the Palestinian population in Gaza, including their right to freedom of movement, access to essential goods and services, and the right to a decent standard of living.

The United Nations has been involved in efforts to address the situation in Gaza. The UN has expressed concerns about the impact of the blockade on the humanitarian situation and has called for its easing or lifting. However, reaching a consensus on this matter within the UN Security Council has been challenging due to differing viewpoints and political dynamics among member states.

It is important to note that international law is complex and subject to interpretation. Different legal opinions exist regarding the legality of the blockade. Resolving this issue requires political negotiations, dialogue, and cooperation among the parties involved, as well as engagement from the international community.

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