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What is the use of camt.053 SEPA MX message? How is it used for payment? Give me a practical example?

 The camt.053 MX message in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a standard XML message format used for bank-to-customer statement reporting. It provides detailed information about the balances and transactions on one or more accounts held by the customer at a particular bank.

The camt.053 message is typically used by the bank to send periodic or ad-hoc account statements to the account holder. It helps the account holder to reconcile their records, monitor their account balances, and analyze transaction details.

Here's a practical example of a camt.053 message:


<Document xmlns="urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:camt.053">




















        <Amt Ccy="EUR">5000.00</Amt>






        <Amt Ccy="EUR">4500.00</Amt>



        <Amt Ccy="EUR">-50.00</Amt>















In this example, the camt.053 message provides the bank statement information for a specific account identified by its IBAN (GB12345678901234567890). The message includes details such as the statement identifier (Id), electronic sequence number (ElctrncSeqNb), creation date and time (CreDtTm), account currency (Ccy), opening balance (OPBD), closing balance (CLBD), and transaction entry (Ntry).

The transaction entry (Ntry) element contains information about a specific transaction, including the amount (Amt), credit/debit indicator (CdtDbtInd), status (Sts), booking date (BookgDt), value date (ValDt), and account servicing reference (AcctSvcrRef).

This camt.053 message allows the account holder to receive detailed information about their account balances, transaction history, and other relevant details. It helps them reconcile their records, monitor their financial position, and analyze their banking activities.

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