Monday, December 25, 2023

What are the new rules for UK spouse visas? How will Pakistanis be affected?

 The new rules for UK spouse visas, set to be introduced in early 2025, will require people to earn £38,700 a year before they can bring family to the UK. This is a significant increase from the current £18,600 level. The increase will be implemented in two stages. In the spring of 2024, the threshold will rise to £29,000, with the further increase not applying until the following year. The Home Office has confirmed that anyone who wants to renew a family visa will be able to do so without having to meet the new earnings threshold. Those who already had a family visa within the five-year partner route, or who applied before the minimum income threshold was raised, will continue to have their applications assessed against the current income level

For Pakistanis applying for a UK spouse visa, they must meet several requirements, including English language proficiency. Applicants from Pakistan can satisfy the English language requirement in several ways, but having a majority English-speaking nationality is not one of them as Pakistan is not on the list of majority English-speaking nationalities. If an applicant holds a UK spouse visa, they will be entitled to work in the UK
The new rules could potentially affect many Pakistanis, as Pakistan is one of the most common origin countries for family-related visas to the UK. The increase in the minimum income level could make it more difficult for UK residents to bring a loved one from Pakistan to live in the UK. However, the current immigration rules state that income counts only if it is earned in the UK, so overseas employment does not count towards the income threshold
As a computer programmer and Oracle administrator working in a bank, you might be interested to know that these changes could affect the ability of skilled workers from Pakistan to bring their families to the UK, depending on their income level.

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