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The main causes of hand numbness

 Neurological causes: cervical discopathy , cervical radiculopathy, hand nerve compression (radial nerve palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome , pressure on the ulnar nerve). Numbness of the hands associated with pressure on the nerves and their damage may result from injuries: fractures, joint dislocations, sprains or bruises, bad work habits, weight-bearing movements (so-called tennis elbow , golfer's elbow ), as well as cysts or cancerous tumors, other diseases , e.g. multiple sclerosis , peripheral neuropathies.

Note: a neurological cause of numbness in the hands may also be a stroke ! If the patient also experiences tingling or numbness in parts of the face or around the corner of the mouth, this may indicate an emergency and requires calling an ambulance.

Muscular causes – may involve excessive muscle tension or an inflammatory reaction in the tendon. Numbness in the hands may result from diseases in nearby muscles (e.g. myofascial pain syndrome).

Degenerations - numbness and tingling in the hands are the result of degenerations most often in the cervical spine. There is also weakening of muscle strength and difficulty in performing precise activities and grasping small objects.

Circulatory disorders - atherosclerosis and the resulting narrowing of blood vessels may be responsible for numbness in the hands in people over 50 years of age . Hand problems, including numbness, may also be a consequence of venous thrombosis, which is commonly associated only with the lower limbs and may also affect the hands.

Circulation problems that may cause numbness in the hands also include lymphatic stasis, e.g. after enlargement or removal of lymph nodes in the armpit.

Rheumatic diseases of the joints and muscles - most of them can cause discomfort in the hand, including numbness, tingling and pain.

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) - this is a set of neurological and vascular symptoms affecting the hands, caused by pressure on the brachial plexus (the plexus of spinal nerves passing through the arm), subclavian artery, subclavian vein and axillary vein. One of the symptoms of this disease is numbness in the hands.

Endocrine diseases , e.g. diabetes.

Psychogenic causes - the feeling of numbness, tingling in the hands, or pinching of the skin may not have an organic cause in the form of a disease, but result from mental disorders: depression , neurosis or hypochondria .

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