Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Dieting may increase infertility in men and women

 Dieting has many advantages, the most significant of which are weight loss and a healthy body, but a recent study has revealed that it can raise the risk of infertility in both men and women. 

 An examination of the effects of dieting on the human body, health, and fertility by British experts revealed that dieting may raise the risk of infertility.

 Researchers tested the effects of dieting on human fertility using fish, according to research reported in the medical journal "The Royal Society."

 They split the zebrafish into two groups, one of which was fed continuously while the other was fed only during designated times, in order to study feeding behavior similar to that of humans.

 Male and female fish were included in the group, and they participated in the study for 15 days. After that time, experts measured the fish's height, weight, and internal organs, including their reproductive systems.

 Researchers discovered that although the fish's weight had decreased as a result of dieting, they also had fertility issues, but their height was unaffected. According to the experts, both male and female fish kept on the diet showed significant signs of infertility.

 Researchers said that the number of eggs in female fish kept on decreasing significantly while dieting, while the number of sperm in male fish decreased.

 They came to the conclusion that dieting can increase fertility issues and decrease the likelihood of becoming infertile, but further study is required. In response to the aforementioned study, fertility specialists commented that while dieting has many advantages, it can also exacerbate infertility issues.

 They  claim that dieting can decrease the hormones involved in sexual pleasure, while also reducing sperm counts in men and women and ovaries in women.

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