Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Urban flooding when Mustafa Kamal was the mayor of Karachi?

 During Mustafa Kamal's tenure as the mayor of Karachi, the city experienced several instances of urban flooding. Here are some notable events related to urban flooding in Karachi during that time:

  1. 2007 Rain Havoc: In June 2007, Karachi was hit by severe storms and heavy rainfall, resulting in widespread flooding. The city experienced power outages for more than 12 hours, and many houses, especially in slum areas, suffered damage due to collapsing roofs and walls. Mustafa Kamal, the mayor at the time, described it as a catastrophe
  2. 2007 Thunderstorm Flooding: In September 2007, Karachi suburbs faced flooding after a thunderstorm. Mustafa Kamal acknowledged that one of the reasons for the flooding was the high water level in the area
  3. 2009 Record Rainfall: In July 2009, Karachi received almost 9 inches of rain, the most since 1977. This heavy rainfall led to flooding in various parts of the city, causing dozens of deaths
It's important to note that urban flooding is a complex issue influenced by various factors such as inadequate drainage systems, rapid urbanization, and climate change. While Mustafa Kamal was the mayor during these events, it is essential to consider the broader context and multiple factors contributing to urban flooding in Karachi.

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