Tuesday, August 29, 2023

How does Laicite affect daily life in France?

 Laicite affects daily life in France in various ways. It is a central part of France's legal and sociological model, enshrined in law as the right to believe or not to believe. Laicite discourages religious involvement in government affairs, especially religious influence in the determination of state policies. It also forbids government involvement in religious affairs and prohibits government influence in the determination of religion. Laicite is neither a form of state atheism nor the outlawing of religion. Rather, it protects religious freedom and promotes equality and freedom of belief. In daily life, laicite is reflected in the French education system, where it is interpreted as a total ban on religion in school

 The French government has also passed policies targeting what they assume to be the primary cause of terrorist attacks, which are not seen as an infringement on religious freedom through the French concept of “Laïcité” 
 The French ban on the burqa and the niqab is also an example of how laicite affects daily life in France

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