Saturday, September 30, 2023

Is Army Chief Running Pakistan's Economy? | Shabbar Zaidi Nadia Naqi | Dawn News English

General Asim Munir, the Pakistani Army Chief, has been actively involved in efforts to address the country's economic crisis. He has met with business leaders and foreign officials in an attempt to secure investments and financial assistance.

In August 2023, General Munir obtained a $25 billion investment from Saudi Arabia, with a focus on the agriculture sector. He also secured $10 billion each from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to address foreign exchange issues. General Munir is also pursuing $25-30 billion in investments from Qatar and Kuwait, aiming for a total of $75-100 billion in investments from these Gulf countries to uplift Pakistan's economic outlook.

While General Munir is not directly running Pakistan's economy, his role in securing these investments is significant. These investments could help to boost Pakistan's economy and address some of the country's most pressing economic challenges.

It is important to note that the Pakistani military has a long history of involvement in the country's economy. The military controls a number of businesses and industries, and it has played a role in major economic development projects. In recent years, the military's role in the economy has increased, as it has stepped in to fill voids left by the civilian government.

Some analysts have expressed concern about the military's growing influence in the economy. They argue that this could lead to a militarization of the economy and could undermine civilian control. However, others argue that the military's involvement is necessary to help Pakistan overcome its economic challenges.

Only time will tell whether General Munir's efforts to secure investments will be successful in turning around Pakistan's economy. However, his involvement is a sign of the military's continued commitment to playing a role in the country's economic development.

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