Friday, September 29, 2023

What are the reasons behind the involvement of non-political actors in Pakistan?

 The involvement of non-political actors in Pakistan can be attributed to several factors, including:

  1. Poor governance and corruption: The ongoing economic and political crisis in Pakistan has faced criticism for diverting the focus of its leaders and overshadowing security concerns
     This has created a vacuum for non-political actors to gain influence and power.
  2. Extremism and intolerance: Extremism and intolerance of diversity and dissent have grown in Pakistan, fueled by a narrow vision of the country's national identity
     This has led to the rise of extremist groups and organizations that challenge the state's authority and promote their own agendas.
  3. Security concerns and terrorism: Pakistan has been experiencing the genesis and spread of multiple terrorist/militant organizations for many decades
     These organizations have proven that they can cause extreme violence to achieve their political objectives, which has profound ramifications at local, regional, and international levels. The presence of these groups has allowed non-political actors to gain prominence in the country's security landscape.
In order to address these issues and reduce the role of non-political actors in Pakistan, it is crucial for the government, military, civil society, judiciary, media, and international community to work together to strengthen democratic institutions, promote transparency, and address the root causes of political instability.

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