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ISO20022 pac.008 - Charger Bearer

The mandated Charge Bearer element uses an embedded code that is used to specify which party/parties would bear any charges associated with processing the payment transaction. This element is comparable with MT Field 71A 'Details of Charges'

Note: Charge Bearer code SLEV applies following rules agreed as part of a bilaterally agreed Service Level or as part of a scheme (commonly used in Instant Payment schemes) This code has no equivalent in legacy MT messages. SLEV is removed from CBPR+ usage guideline specifications for the beginning of the coexistence period.n

Min 0 – Max *

Min 1 – Max 1

The Charges Information element provides information on the charges to be paid by the Charge Bearer .

This element is comparable with MT Fields: 71F 'Senders Charges' and 71G 'Receiver's Charges'









Structured Postal Address

< In addition to the legacy MT message the pacs.008 Charge Information mandate the Agent, this represent the Agent for whom the Charges are either; due (pre-paid charges) or has taken a charge (deduct from the transaction)

Credit Transfer Transaction Info' Charge Information

CBPR+ best practice recommends the use of the structured Agent BIC.

As the Charges Information element is repetitive it can capture charges related to previous legs of the payment transaction.

<![if !vml]> <![endif]> Note: As the Charge Information element has the capability to capture both charges deducted and charges included ie pre-paid charges, the use of the Interbank Settlement Amount and Instructed Amount elements play an important role.

Also note: If Charge Bearer DEBT is provided only one optional occurrence of pre-paid charges is allowed.

Deducted Charges are not appropriate with Charge Bearer DEBT.


<![if !vml]> <![<![if !vml]> <![endif]> High Level example involving the pre-




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