Tuesday, September 26, 2023

ISO20022 - pacs.008 : Payment Identification

The pacs message Payment Identification provides a set of elements to identify the payment, of which several are mandatory elements

a point-to-point reference restricted in CBPR+ to 16 character and directly comparable with the Sender’s Reference (Field 20) of the legacy MT payment message.

an end-to-end reference provided by the Debtor which must be passed unchanged throughout the payment and reported to the Creditor.

note: if the Debtor has not provide an end-toend identifier, the Debtor Agent may populate

“NOTPROVIDED” to comply the mandatory need of this element.

the end-to-end Transaction Reference created using the UUIDv4 standard. This reference must be passed unchanged throughout the payment, it may also be created by the Debtor within their Payment Initiation request, and also included in reporting

The pacs message Payment Identification also provides a set of optional elements to identify the payment.

<![if !vml]><![endif]>an end-to-end reference assigned by the first Instructing Agent to identify the transaction.

a point-to-point reference populated by a Payment Market Infrastructure, typically to the settlement leg of a clearing system transaction as a reference to the settled clearing transaction.

Credit Transfer Transaction Info’  Payment Identification

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