Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Why are Africans migranting to Europe in large numbers?

 There are various employment opportunities for African migrants in Europe. According to

, the stock of working-age migrants in the European Union and the UK is predicted to rise by 16.5 million between 2015 and 2050. 

The same source suggests that there are many millions of young workers with the talent to contribute in Europe, with benefits flowing back to their countries of birth in the form of remittances, trade, technology, and investment links. 

The MATCH project
 aims to address labor market shortages in four EU Member States by enabling young graduates from Nigeria and Senegal to work for companies in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, or the Netherlands where specific sectorial labor shortages have been identified. 

The scheme aims to upscale young migrants’ skills and increase their employability, while addressing EU labor market shortages and contributing, in the longer term, to the development of Nigeria and Senegal.

 The European Training Foundation (ETF) 
 works on the skills dimensions of migration to help citizens in its partner countries improve their employability in a global world. The ETF's key areas of work include migrants’ learning pathways and how they interact with lifelong learning systems in partner countries and the EU, the recognition of skills and qualifications, and policy responses and good practices related to the skills dimensions of migration. 

Additionally, the UNHCR
 provides nationally accredited technical and vocational programs to refugees, which can provide young people with safe learning spaces, contribute to social cohesion, and foster greater self-reliance.

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