Wednesday, September 13, 2023

who are illegal African migrants coming by boats to Europe?

 Illegal African migrants are coming to Europe by boats from different African countries such as Sudan, Chad, Tunisia, Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Central Africa, West Africa, and the Middle East. 

They are trying to escape poverty, conflict, and political strife in their home countries for a better life in Europe. The Mediterranean region near Greece is a key route for migrants and refugees trying to escape political strife in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. 

The number of undocumented people emerging on European shores has spiraled this year due to conflict, global inequality, and the climate crisis. 

The Central Mediterranean remains the main migratory route into the European Union, with the highest number of irregular border crossings recorded since 2017. 

European Union member states are increasingly introducing policies to reduce illegal immigration while adapting migrant flows to specific economic needs. There is no indication that any European government will legalize the status of illegal African migrants.

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