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how did the code of hammurabi influence modern law?

 The Code of Hammurabi has had a significant influence on the development of modern law, particularly in the areas of legal thought and the structure of legal systems. Here are some ways in which the Code has influenced modern law:

Presumption of Innocence

One of the earliest notions of the presumption of innocence can be traced back to the Code of Hammurabi, which required evidence to prove someone's guilt
 This principle is a cornerstone of modern legal systems, ensuring that the burden of proof lies with the accuser rather than the accused.

Written Law

Hammurabi's decision to inscribe laws on a stela made them accessible and immutable, setting a precedent for the importance of written law
 This concept is fundamental in modern legal systems, where laws are documented, published, and made available to the public.

Legal Equality and Protection

Although the Code of Hammurabi had different penalties based on social status, it aimed to protect the weak from the strong and establish fairness
 Modern laws strive for equality before the law and the protection of vulnerable groups, reflecting this early attempt at a just legal system.

Specificity of Laws

The Code of Hammurabi was comprehensive, covering various aspects of daily life and providing specific consequences for specific actions
 Modern laws also tend to be detailed and cover a wide range of situations, providing clarity and predictability in their application.

Retributive Justice

The principle of "an eye for an eye" from the Code of Hammurabi has influenced the development of retributive justice systems, where punishments correspond to the severity of the crime
 While modern law has moved towards more rehabilitative and restorative forms of justice, the concept of proportionate punishment remains influential.

Legal Precedents

The Code of Hammurabi was a collection of legal decisions that could serve as precedents for future cases
 The use of precedents is a key feature of common law systems today, where past judicial decisions guide the resolution of new cases.

Legal Codes

The comprehensive nature of Hammurabi's Code as a single, coherent collection of laws has influenced the structure of modern legal codes, which aim to be systematic and cover all necessary legal provisions
In summary, the Code of Hammurabi has influenced modern law by introducing concepts such as the presumption of innocence, the importance of written law, the aim for legal equality and protection, the specificity and comprehensiveness of laws, the principle of retributive justice, the use of legal precedents, and the systematic structure of legal codes. These contributions have helped shape the legal systems that govern societies around the world today.

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