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Why does new a born sleep most of the time?

 Here's why newborns sleep so much:

Rapid Development:

  • Brain Growth: A newborn's brain is undergoing incredible development. Sleep facilitates the crucial formation of new connections and pathways in the brain, supporting learning
  • Physical Growth: Just like their brains, a newborn's body is experiencing rapid growth. Sleep provides the rest needed for building tissue and cells and allows for the release of growth hormones.

Small Stomachs:

  • Frequent Feedings: Newborns have very tiny stomachs that can only hold a small amount of breast milk or formula. Due to this, they wake up frequently to feed, even at night.

Immature Circadian Rhythm:

  • No Sense of Day/Night: A baby's circadian rhythm, the internal clock that regulates sleep-wake cycles, is not yet developed. So, they don't distinguish between day and night, leading to sleep scattered throughout the day.

Rest and Recovery:

  • Adapting to the World: Exiting the womb and adjusting to the outside world is a tiring and overstimulating experience for newborns. Sleep helps them process all the new sights, sounds, and sensations.

How Much Sleep is Normal?

Newborns generally sleep between 14-17 hours within a 24-hour period, however, their sleep patterns are usually broken up into short bursts rather than extended chunks.

Note: If you're worried that your newborn is sleeping too much or too little, or you notice other concerning symptoms, always consult your pediatrician.

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