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A Muslim and a Zionist; an Arab and an Israeli

 Lucy Aharish, born on September 18, 1981, is an Israeli journalist, news anchor, television host, and actress. She holds the distinction of being the first Arab-Muslim news presenter on mainstream Hebrew-language Israeli television 1. Her remarkable career has spanned various media outlets, and she has become a prominent figure in Israeli broadcasting. 

Here are some key points about Lucy Aharish: 

  1. Early Life and Education: 

  • Lucy was born in Dimona, Israel, to an Arab-Muslim family. Her parents, Maaruf and Salwa Aharish, originally hailed from the city of Nazareth. 

  • Growing up, she was the only Arab student at her school. Despite this, she embraced both her Arab heritage and Israeli identity. On Israeli Independence Day, she proudly wore blue and white, and on Purim, she dressed up as Queen Esther 7. 

  • Tragically, as a child, Lucy survived a terrorist attack in the Gaza Strip. A Molotov cocktail thrown at her family's car caused injuries, and her 3-year-old cousin suffered severe burns 9. 

  1. Career Highlights: 

  • Lucy's journey into media began after she moved to Jerusalem to study social sciences and theater at the Hebrew University. Witnessing incidents of injustice on Highway 1, she felt compelled to pursue a career in media. 

  • She interned in Germany and later became the first Arab to present the news on mainstream Israeli television when she joined Channel 10 in 2007 . 

  1. Professional Roles: 

  • Over the years, Lucy has held various roles, including being a morning anchor, news presenter, and reporter for different channels such as Channel 2, Channel 10, and i24NEWS. 

  • As of 2018, she serves as a news anchor for Reshet 13 1. 

  1. Personal Views and Challenges: 

  • Lucy is known for her candid opinions. She has been a vocal critic of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has also expressed criticism of her fellow Arab Israelis, particularly regarding Arab violence and leadership. 

  • Her unique perspective as a Muslim and a Zionist, an Arab and an Israeli, challenges conventional narratives and makes her an iconoclast. 

  • Lucy has faced challenges growing up as the only Arab Muslim kid in a traditional Jewish village, and her experiences have shaped her views on Israeli society and the Middle East. 

  1. Hope for the Future: 

  • Lucy's hope lies in her Muslim-Jewish son and the future of the country she calls home. 

  • She has weathered personal tragedies, including the October 7 massacre, which impacted her family profoundly. Her husband, despite being past the age of an active reservist, immediately donned his uniform and headed south upon hearing the news 1. 

Lucy Aharish's story is one of resilience, courage, and a commitment to bridging divides. Her voice continues to resonate in the complex landscape of Israeli media and society.![lucy aharish images|Israel: Arabische Israelin wird erstmals Fackel entzünden - WELT]([object Object])![lucy aharish images|Die jungen Araber, die ein Teil von Israel sein wollen - Audiatur-Online]([object Object])![lucy aharish images|Lucy Aharish quotes | Quotes of famous people]([object Object]) 


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