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The EU's decision to provide financial support to Egypt as part of an anti-migrant deal could be viewed as hypocritical

The European Union (EU) has recently signed a €7.4 billion agreement with Egypt, aimed at boosting cooperation in trade, security, and addressing migration issues5 6 7. Here are some key points about this deal:

1.  Objective: The agreement is part of the EU's strategy to curb irregular migration from North African countries by providing financial support to these nations. Egypt, being a significant transit country for migrants, is a focal point in this effort.

2.  Financial Support: The EU will disburse the funds to Egypt between 2024 and 2027. The money will be divided into grants and loans. A grant of approximately €200 million is specifically earmarked for migration-related initiatives, while other funds will support investment, bilateral projects, and macro-financial assistance5.

3.  Economic Aid: The financial package aims to shore up Egypt's economy, which has faced challenges due to soaring inflation and unemployment. Additionally, disruptions in trade via the Red Sea caused by missile attacks on commercial ships have further impacted Egypt's commerce5.

4.  Criticism and Safeguards: While these deals are intended to strengthen economies and manage migration, they face criticism from advocacy groups. Some argue that they lack sufficient safeguards on human rights and may expose migrants to harsh conditions in camps. Additionally, concerns exist about supporting autocratic regimes5.

5.  Externalization Strategy: The EU's approach involves paying third countries to boost their economies and limit migrant inflows into the EU. Similar deals have been signed with Turkey, Tunisia, Mauritania, and now Egypt. Another deal with Morocco is also expected5.

6.  Leaders Involved: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and leaders from Italy, Greece, Belgium, Austria, and Cyprus were present in Cairo to sign the agreement with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi5.

In summary, while the EU's financial support to Egypt aims to address migration challenges, it remains a topic of debate regarding the balance between border control and human rights5.


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