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Who are some notable Jewish physicians today?

  Jewish physicians have made significant contributions to medicine throughout history. Here are some notable Jewish physicians and researchers, both past and present: 

  1. David Baltimore: A Nobel laureate known for his work on reverse transcriptase, which has implications in understanding viruses and cancer1. 

  1. Baruj Benacerraf: An immunologist who received the Nobel Prize for his discoveries related to immune system regulation1. 

  1. Baruch Blumberg: Discovered the hepatitis B virus and received the Nobel Prize for his work1. 

  1. Gerty Cori: A biochemist who won the Nobel Prize for her research on carbohydrate metabolism1. 

  1. Gertrude Elion: Developed drugs for treating leukemia and other diseases, earning her a Nobel Prize1. 

  1. Stanley Falkow: Known as the "father of molecular microbial pathogenesis" and recipient of the National Medal of Science1. 

  1. Alfred G. Gilman: A biochemist who received the Nobel Prize for his work on G proteins1. 

  1. H. Robert Horvitz: A biologist who won the Nobel Prize for his research on programmed cell death1. 

  1. David Julius: Investigated nociception (pain perception) and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 20211. 

  1. Eric Kandel: A biologist recognized for his research on memory and learning, earning him the Nobel Prize1. 

  1. C. Henry Kempe: The first to identify and recognize child abuse1. 

  1. Arthur Kornberg: Discovered DNA replication mechanisms and received the Nobel Prize1. 

  1. Alisha Kramer: A physician and health activist1. 

  1. Esther Lederberg: A geneticist who made significant contributions to bacterial genetics1. 

  1. Fritz Lipmann: Discovered coenzyme A and was a Nobel laureate1. 

  1. Hermann Muller: A geneticist (with a Jewish mother) who won the Nobel Prize1. 

  1. Daniel Nathans: A microbiologist who received the Nobel Prize for his work on restriction enzymes1. 

  1. Jonas Salk: Developed the polio vaccine, saving countless lives1. 

  1. Howard Temin: Investigated reverse transcriptase and shared the Nobel Prize1. 

  1. George Wald: Studied retina pigmentation and was a Nobel laureate1. 

  1. Bret Weinstein: An evolutionary biologist known for his work on evolutionary theory1. 

These remarkable individuals have left lasting legacies in medicine and continue to inspire future generations of physicians and researchers 1. 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️. 


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