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Inositol for slimming can help. Who will it help for sure?

 Does inositol help people lose weight? It depends. Its effects have been tested on people with different diseases, and the results are somewhat encouraging, but neither the rate of weight loss nor the amount of weight lost has been measured. But we don't know enough about how healthy people can use inositol or myo-inositol.

 Inositol is sometimes called vitamin B8, but it's not a vitamin. It is a sugar-like organic chemical compound. It is a substance that the body can produce, and tests have revealed that the kidneys, liver, and brain contain it. It makes serotonin receptors more sensitive, which makes you feel better and calms your body and mind.

 Some people with schizophrenia and diabetes are given inositol because it helps keep their blood sugar levels stable and makes it less likely that their nerves will be damaged by diabetes. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who have too much insulin are also given inositol.

 Scientific studies have shown that inositol may be beneficial in:


Metabolic syndrome

Total cholesterol and triglycerides go down, HDL cholesterol goes up, blood pressure goes down (both systolic and diastolic), and insulin resistance goes down.


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Lowering fasting glucose and insulin levels, total cholesterol, triglycerides and testosterone levels, increases ovulation,


Premature birth

In combination with folic acid, it reduces the risk of premature birth by 64% in women at risk of gestational diabetes compared to folic acid alone,


Panic disorder

Reduces the severity and frequency of panic attacks.


Does inositol help you lose weight?

Taking inositol as a supplement won't make you fat, and you won't lose weight just by swallowing it. Inositol makes the body more sensitive to insulin, which is why it is thought to help people lose weight. People with insulin resistance who take it often see their blood sugar levels stabilise, their hunger go down, and as a result, they lose weight. But inositol by itself neither speeds up the metabolism (though it does make it better) nor burns calories, so it can't be thought of as a "cure for overweight or obesity.


Scientists have found that inositol can reduce BMI in a statistically significant way, especially in people with PCOS and those who are overweight or obese. Myo-inositol seemed to work better than inositol, which was interesting. The scientists, on the other hand, were not happy. They only said, "Meta-analysis suggests that taking inositol by mouth has a positive effect on lowering BMI." Inositol supplements could be used in addition to other treatments to help lower the body mass index.


Does inositol calm you down?

Yes. This is due to the increased sensitivity of serotonin receptors. This results in an improvement in well-being and a reduction in the level of anxiety . So it works to some extent against stress, which may facilitate slimming.


Insitol and myo-inositol

Myo-inositol is a variant of inositol, but its effects are the same. Inositol is safe to use up to 18 g per day for 6 weeks, while myo-inositol is safe to use 4 g per day for 6 months.


Inositol - dosage

Inositol is usually administered daily for insulin resistance, PCOS, and schizophrenia, but a universal dosage has not been established. It does not cause side effects, but in a dose above 12,000 mg it can cause headaches, dizziness, abdominal pain, increased fatigue, and hypoglycemia. Diabetic patients should not use increased doses of inositol for a long time, as this may contribute to hypoglycemia.

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