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12 mistakes that can result in an ineffective diet program

 Why, despite your best efforts, are you unable to lose weight? The cause could be a health problem, changes in body composition (which your weight does not account for), or a poor diet (consuming too many or too few calories). Despite the apparent simplicity of weight loss (you should eat less than you consume), there are a variety of reasons why slimming methods will not work for you. Check the appropriate boxes.

You are not losing weight due to a medical condition.

Examine your health if you suspect problems with weight loss. Perform blood tests, as well as tests for thyroid hormone, glucose, and insulin. Perhaps hypothyroidism or insulin resistance is preventing you from losing weight. Consult your physician for a testing referral before continuing to lose weight.


You do not lose weight because you expect too quickly to see results.

The process of altering body composition is a slow one. Just as it is impossible to gain weight overnight, it is also impossible to lose weight quickly and effectively. Normal and natural weight loss is approximately 0.5 to 1% per week. The effects of weight loss are also contingent on your initial body mass. It is typically more difficult to lose 1 kilogramme if you are 5 kilogrammes overweight than if you have 30 kilogrammes to lose.

You don't lose weight because you expect a constant weight loss

Losing weight is not a tedious process. You cannot assume that each time you step on the scale, the result will be lower than the last. Take more measurements, and avoid weighing yourself excessively or daily. One measurement per week is enough. Don't be disheartened if the scale indicates that you've gained weight if the result is greater than the last time you weighed yourself.


You're losing weight, but your weight doesn't reflect it

During weight loss, body mass may increase. This is a normal and sometimes desirable process (recomposition of the silhouette). The moment of the menstrual cycle influences body weight, as do the accumulation of water after a salty meal and the mass of intestinal contents. Better track your progress by measuring your girth in centimetres as opposed to pounds.


You don't lose weight because you don't weigh products on a kitchen scale

Perhaps you are not losing weight due to a poor diet. To maintain a caloric deficit while adhering to a calorie-specific diet, precision is necessary. The average slice of bread weighs about 30 grammes, but perhaps yours is heavier. Use a kitchen scale to ensure that your measurements are accurate.


You're not losing weight because you're consuming liquid calories

Do you think a glass of juice is safe? Don't you count the calories in milk that is added to coffee? This can add several hundred calories to your daily intake. Pay attention to this so you don't blame your inability to lose weight on a diet that isn't well put together.


You're not losing weight because you're not eating enough

Do not follow a 1000-kcal, 1200-kcal, or even 1400-kcal diet. It is not enough for most women. Instead of helping yourself, you will quickly throw off the balance of your hormones and make it take longer to lose weight. After losing that much weight, it will take a long time for the metabolism to get back to normal. Don't eat less than your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

If you provide your body with too little food, it switches to sparing mode and starts storing energy in the form of body fat. If you are trying to lose weight, reduce your caloric intake gradually. This is the only way to achieve the goal. Adjust the caloric content of the diet to your own body weight and expectations.


You're not losing weight because you're not eating right

Do you stay away from bread, pasta, rice, groats, and potatoes so that you can get to your ideal weight? Include this in fairy tales. At the start of such a diet, most of the weight loss is water, not fat. Carbohydrates are an important part of losing weight. Use a slimming diet with a good balance of macronutrients if you want to lose weight in a healthy way that will last.


You don't lose weight because you lose weight the same way as your friend.

Are you happy with how much weight your friend has lost? Ask them about the general ideas behind the diet and how the way they eat has changed, but don't use the same menus. When you use a programme that was made for someone else, it can hurt you more than help you. A healthy and effective diet should be well-balanced and tailored just for the person. There is no one right way to lose weight.


You are not losing weight because you regularly take laxatives

Laxatives are an easy way to make the intestines lazy and make constipation worse. After they are taken away, the body can no longer get by without them. And that's not all. Using these kinds of medicines often can cause electrolytic disorders that make it hard for muscles, including the heart, to contract. Get this idea out of your head, it's dangerous and won't help you lose weight.


You don't lose weight because you eat too much

Most of the time, the lack of weight loss is just because there is no energy deficit. If you eat the same number of calories every day as you burn, you won't lose weight. You can either cut the number of calories in what you eat or do more physical activities. The second choice is especially good. Again, carefully figure out how many calories you need and how many calories your food has.


You're not losing weight because you don't have much muscle

Do you do a lot of cardio and never do strength training ? This is a big mistake. Building muscle tissue in women is very important. This allows for a long-term increase in metabolism, strengthens the body and prevents obesity in the long term. Include strength and muscle-strengthening exercises in your training plan, not just calorie-burning cardio.

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