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What is meant by aging in place?

 The term "aging in place" pertains to the capacity of elderly individuals to reside securely, autonomously, and comfortably within their residential abode and community, irrespective of age, financial status or competency level[1][4][7][13]. This trend is gaining popularity amongst seniors as approximately 90% of American seniors desire to remain at home for an extended period[8]. Aging in place empowers seniors to govern their living conditions while sustaining a high standard of living with backing from family members, acquaintances or the local community[7].


Benefits of Aging in Place

There are many benefits of aging in place, including:


1. Greater independence and empowerment[2][14]

2. Social engagement in the community[2][14]

3. More affordable than moving to a retirement home or assisted living community[2][12]

4. Slows the progression of memory loss[2]

5. Comfort care at its finest[2]

6. Improved quality of life, life satisfaction, and self-esteem[4]

7. Maintaining community connections[6]

8. Familiarity with surroundings and possessions[6]

9. Easier to stay close to family and friends[14]

10. Healthier and safer living environment[14]

11. Cost savings[14]


How to Age in Place?

In order to successfully age in place, it is imperative to proactively plan for future needs and consider the type of assistance that may be required[3]. This can encompass home improvements such as installing grab bars, wheelchair ramps or stairlifts to enhance safety and accessibility within the residence[11]. Additionally, experienced in-home caregivers are available to maximize the benefits of aging at home[2]. Technology can also play a pivotal role in enabling seniors to age in place. Specifically, four categories of technology exist which facilitate this process: communication and engagement, health and wellness, learning and contribution, as well as safety and security[1].



Aging in place is a growing trend among seniors, with many benefits, including greater independence, social engagement, and cost savings. To age in place, it is important to plan ahead and think about the kinds of help you might want in the near future. Home modifications, experienced in-home caregivers, and technology can all be enablers for aging in place.



















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