Friday, August 25, 2023

what are the long-term health effects of child marriage?

 Child marriage has significant long-term health effects on the individuals involved. Here are some of the long-term health effects of child marriage:

  1. Increased risk of maternal and fetal mortality: Child marriage leads to early and frequent pregnancies, which increases the risk of complications such as maternal and fetal mortality
     Child brides are also at an increased risk of developing serious psychiatric disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder, major depression, and anxiety
  2. Higher risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs): Girls who marry at a young age may engage in sexual activity before they are physically and emotionally ready, and often have limited knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. This puts them at a higher risk of contracting STIs
  3. Greater vulnerability to gender-based violence: Child brides are at an increased risk of experiencing gender-based violence, including domestic violence and sexual abuse
     This can have severe physical and psychological consequences.
  4. Limited access to education and healthcare: Child marriage often disrupts girls' education, limiting their opportunities for personal and economic development. It also reduces their access to healthcare services, including prenatal care and skilled birth attendance, which can have long-term health implications
  5. Hypertension: A recent study has shown that child marriage could cause long-term hypertension
Overall, child marriage has significant long-term health effects on the individuals involved, including increased risk of maternal and fetal mortality, psychiatric disorders, STIs, gender-based violence, limited access to education and healthcare, and hypertension. It is important to note that the evidence on the health consequences of child marriage is limited and more research is needed to fully understand the extent of these risks. However, the available evidence suggests that child marriage has significant negative impacts on the health and well-being of girls and their children.

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